Gone Fishin’

Down by the old fishin' hole

Down by the old fishin’ hole

August 24 – Another nice coolish day here, it seemeth, with much dew on the grass in the morning. That bothered Chris a bit as she wanted to get out and do some mowing. So far I have been busy here on the computer, as well as re-potting our mandevilla plant. It sure is not looking good now and is mostly flowerless and leafless but is still alive and hopefully the new potting soil will be a big help.

We knew that our Pleasant Hill friend Clyde, and his 6′ 6″ grandson Hayden, were coming out yesterday morning to do a little fishing in our pond, but I wasn’t fully prepared when they arrived at eight and still didn’t have my shirt and shoes on! But no matter. Got some folding chairs out of the barn and put them on the truck and off we went to the pond. The meager 1/10″ of rain we had had during the night had no effect on the ground and the lawn did not rut at all. Hayden parked right on the pond wall and we set up the chairs and got out the fishing gear and they were soon at work casting lines and undoing tangles.

Unhooking the catfish

Unhooking the catfish

I threw out some hard bread pieces to attract the fish and that usually works but this time they paid little attention to it and sulked in the depths. However, in due time our friend hooked two big catfish that measured 25 inches in length and weighed around five pounds each.

Getting them out of the pond was quite exciting but they ended up eventually in a bucket of water and splashing big time. Chris had fun getting pictures of them and trying to stay dry. Grandson “Posh” (to Grandpa) did a great deal of  casting and did get a couple of bites and near the end captured a yellow belly, a cousin of blue-gills, that they threw back since they are mostly bones.

Examining the catch

Examining the catch

He also disturbed a large black ratsnake on the other side of the pond while trying to disentangle his hook from a cluster of weeds, and came back with a chunk of shed snake skin.

Our friends left at around noon, and after we had eaten a late breakfast we set out to start mowing around the pond and on the pond wall. Had to interrupt the mowing temporarily as the riding mower got stuck in a small ditch leading out of the pond. As Chris says, ” Dale was mowing along the pond where all of those muskrat ditches are, and I didn’t want him to ruin himself, so I tried to go across to help. Ha!”

We couldn’t get it out with the use of a jack, shovel, boards, etc. so ended up bringing the truck around after an hour or so and hooking it to the mower with a chain. That did the trick and things were soon back to normal again. While I was working on the mower rescue, Chris mowed the whole pond wall with a hand mower, so got in her share and more of exercise for the day.

And that is the report of yesterday’s activities and excitement. More to follow as things occur out here in the country. – DALE

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