African Tales – An Interrupted Haircut

150823_ElderTrumperAugust 23 – Our pet monkey during my African days provided us with an interesting experience one day. My dad was barber for the missionary men at Solusi, and one day was cutting Elder Trumper’s hair out in the yard to avoid a mess in the house.

Elder Trumper had brought his wife and daughter over to visit my mom and little sister Jean while he had his haircut. The two little girls were running and screaming around the yard having fun, and as they ran past the monkey on her chain and long wire, the monkey rushed out after them and managed to scratch the Trumper girl with a fingernail.

Somebody's pet monkey (not mine!)

Somebody’s pet monkey (not mine!)

There was a little bleeding and a lot of screaming and soon the protective parents were on the scene to comfort their child and berate the monkey owners for having such a dangerous creature in their yard. The berating reached such a pitch that eventually Dad declared that he was through and done with haircutting for the day, and put away his barbering equipment.

The aggrieved family marched on home, but as the father began to consider the situation more carefully, he realized that he had to preach the next day and his haircut was only half done! Later he went back to Dad and apologized for his outburst of temper, and got the rest of his haircut. We remained good friends and Elder Trumper baptized me later and didn’t even hold me under for longer than necessary! – DALE

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