Donner and Blitzen

Mandevilla - before the leaves turned yellow!

Mandevilla – before the leaves turned yellow!

August 19 – Our mandevilla plant is losing its leaves; they are turning yellow then fall off. The plant is also sending out new leaves but the old ones are falling faster than they are being replaced. I wonder if this is just a cycle that this plant goes through. I’ll have to check with our son and see if his is doing the same.

Had quite a spectacular lightning show last night, to our north and north east. Was puzzled over a patch of brightness to our north, right on the horizon, where a lot of lightning strikes would show up. Couldn’t figure out what would be causing that bright light, but it gradually moved towards the east, and then faded away. I haven’t checked our rain gauge yet to see how much rain we received. Had rain in both morning and evening.

Sara with our former pastor

Sara with our former pastor

Was surprised at our cat, who wanted to go out onto the front porch during the storm last night. She just lay there enjoying the lightning and thunder, I guess, and was not afraid of the noise.

Grandson Kevin stopped by yesterday to say good-bye, as he was on his way to Union College for the new school year. He had his green truck, with his bicycle in the back and as it was raining lightly, a stack of stuff under a blue tarp. His cousin Sara had gone up with her folks a couple of days earlier. – DALE

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