The Doctor Will See You Now

150818_BesseySignAugust 18 – Sometime ago we found that the doctor who has been checking Dale for neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis would be moving to an office in downtown Kansas City. Our family doctor had just left the area as well, so we didn’t want to drive to KC for appointments with the neuropathy doctor. As a result, Dale decided to check to see if the new young doctor who had just joined the health services staff could take care of the situation.

Yes, I do take my blood pressure readings!

Yes, I do take my blood pressure readings!

Yes, he could, so Dale decided to make an appointment to check in with him. Before that, he had asked me if I wanted an appointment as well. Since I was not having any problem, I decided not to go. However, by the end of the week, I had changed my mind (well, isn’t that a woman’s privilege?) because I thought it would be better to go together as we always have done.

There was no problem with the date, but MY appointment would be at 10:30 am, and Dale would have to wait till 12:30! Who in the world would like to sit in the waiting room for that long! Didn’t plan on too much shopping either, as we would have done that earlier during the morning already. All my fault!

Once the date arrived, we hurried off to the office of Dr. Bessey after stopping and doing some visiting on the way. Right off the bat, we both liked him! Young and handsome, but so much more important the fact that he obviously knew what to do. Checking on past problems, lab work, and asking all of the other necessary questions, he asked if I were having any problems. None. Medications? None. That brought a smile to his face, and he said something like, “Well, just keep on doing what you’re doing. Sounds good to me!” When I told him that my cholesterol has always been too high, but the good kind is very high, he quickly pulled up the chart and pointed out that this info was on my chart. “Let’s keep it that way,” he said.

Old-fashioned ear syringe

Old-fashioned ear syringe

When he found out that I had excess wax in one ear, he suggested that I have it removed. Good! Some doctors don’t agree with that procedure, but since I have had ear problems ever since I was a young child, I know that it helps. Removal is not the same as it was years ago. I distinctly remember my dad going to the doctor with me. He sat down on a chair and the doctor told me to lay my head, ear down, on Dad’s knee. I hated every minute of the procedure. The doctor filled one of those old-fashioned red syringes with very hot water, then pushed the tip right into my ear. Lots of gurgling hot water and some pain while the excess waters streamed down my shirt. Time then for the same treatment in the other ear. After wiping the water off my face and shirt, the doctor dismissed me. The only thing that spoiled that announcement for me was I already knew that I would be back in his office before a year went by.

I was not keen on having that sort of treatment again, but fortunately the instruments and syringes are completely different these days. After she was finished, the assistant was able to come up with a couple tiny pieces of hard wax, and my appointment was over.

Dale's med packets

Dale’s med packets

So where was Dale while I was having my ear treated? Thanks to the kindness of Dr. Bessey, he was in another room with the doctor. I’m sure it was because he felt sorry for us having our appointments so far apart, with so much waiting. When he sent in the assistant, he took Dale with him, went through all the needed questions, and was just about finished when I was taken back to the exam room.

Since he was able to renew most of the medications that Dale was already taking for the RA and neuropathy, all is well. When Dale mentioned something about his early life in Africa, Dr. Bessey asked about those years, the animal life, food, etc. He said his son was interested in animals, so I thought it would be good for Dale to print off some of the stories that have been in our blog and give them to the boy to read.

No appointments now until February of next year – sounds good to me! – CHRIS

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