Blog Birthday Addendum

Discussing what the clouds look like

Discussing what the clouds look like

August 16 – I promise this will not be a very long blog this time. Just some additional commentary on the anniversary of our blog that was set up by our son David. Poor guy. I think he might have wondered ever since that beginning blog if he had asked the right question when he asked if we wanted to do the writing while he would take care of the technical parts of the program!

I can hardly believe that we have had over sixty five hundred visits during this last year. I know that isn’t so amazing when you think of the all the important people who have a million or two. But to us two old(er) folks who don’t travel much, watch a lot of TV, or take part in many activities away from our home, that is very surprising. We have so many interests that sometimes it’s a bit hard to keep up, but we enjoy every day and hope that somewhere along the line this past year, we have been able to give you a bit of inspiration and a happy time as we write about some funny things that happen to us.

Pond reflections

Pond reflections

Once again, as I look back over these last months, I am glad that we are both doing well as far as health goes, that we have made new friends to add to the list of those we have known as friends for many years, that the Lord has blessed us in so many ways, that we live in a country where freedom reigns, and that not one day goes by that we don’t have many reasons for which to be thankful.

We appreciate all of you who check out our blog, whether you live in the States, in Europe or Africa, or even in Australia. This has been the most amazing thing that we have learned since writing for you to read. How can anyone so far away from us and maybe from our customs and culture, spend even a few minutes reading what we have written?! As we continue to write, I hope that you will not be disappointed! – CHRIS

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One Response to Blog Birthday Addendum

  1. Miss Dazey says:

    Congratulations on your first year of interesting, positive blogging! I am a faithful reader, except for the snake stories. Thankfully Dave warns me. You two are an amazing couple who live life to the fullest. Thanks for sharing.


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