The Week’s Review

Drying the clothes in the sun

Drying the clothes in the sun

August 14 – It’s been a nice Friday, though perhaps  a bit too warm. The house cleaning is mostly done and Chris has the washing out on the line and the dishes are washed and dried and put away. Now I need to press my suit for the weekend and sweep the kitchen floor and burn the trash out in the burning barrel.

We did some mowing a couple of days ago and in places there is a lot of brownish, cut grass lying on the lawn, waiting to be raked up. We do not feel like doing any raking, so will leave it there for a few days at least.

Chris got out several boxes of dry breakfast cereal and put it into big jars that we will pour it out of when we feel like having some. I was preparing to pour some into my bowl when I noticed some webs in the jar and knew that somewhere along the way moths had got into the original box and multiplied. So there went a whole box of cereal out for the birds at the feeder. I wonder if the rabbit that has been visiting the feeder will eat any. Usually all there is there is just millet. The blue jays seem to like it, as do the doves and sparrows. Mocking birds are very active in our yard this year, and are constantly flying around but they don’t like millet.

Wearing our Harvesters shirts

Wearing our Harvesters shirts

A couple of days ago I went out to the workshop and was greeted by a young Carolina wren flying around in there, scolding and chirping, and a parent bird came in and sat on the back of a chair to help out. The Carolina wrens like to nest in the workshop and this is their second nest of the year. They nested there last year, too. This youngster must have just left the nest and hadn’t found out yet how to get outside. We keep the door shut but there is a gap underneath it where a block used to be before it rotted away, and these wrens go in and out under there. I haven’t been able to find where they have their nest hidden. The baby flew down and out the door and was gone with its parent in a hurry.

Lotsa cabbage

Lotsa cabbage

Our Harvesters morning at the church on Wednesday turned out to be a very good day, not at all like the rainy one we had a month ago. The Harvesters truck arrived a quarter of an hour early, so we got things set up sooner than usual. Chris and I chose the cabbage compartment, and were rather amazed at the size of many of the cabbage heads. I hope the folks who drove past to get the foods liked cabbage, for they had a lot – two heads per family. Near the end we had to cut it back to one head per family as we were running out. Almost everything ended up being used.

Yesterday we went to Pleasant Hill quite early, and spent half an hour at the thrift store but found very little of interest. We went on to Price Chopper and got a few groceries and a prescription for me. We no longer go to the doctor who wrote up the original prescription, as he moved into Kansas City and I don’t like driving around there. However, he still approved the prescription, but did give the name of a couple of rheumatologists who will take over when I ask them. We went on to Lee’s Summit, where we both had appointments to see our new family doctor for the first time. The former one retired. We liked this new man very much. He is young and very friendly. Our appointments were two hours apart but when he heard that, he squeezed me in right after Chris’s so we wouldn’t have to wait around all that time.

A rare day of sitting indoors

A rare day of sitting indoors

After that we did some shopping and headed off to home. Breakfast was at around 2:30pm! Afterwards we didn’t feel like going out and working in the yard (and the heat and humidity), so we stayed inside and watched TV programs, etc. On Wednesday night we spent a half hour or so out on the front porch, watching for shooting stars. This was at around 3 a.m., not my favorite time to be up and about but Chris awoke and wondered if I would be interested in looking for the Perseids. So we went out and stood and sat around for a while, accompanied by the cat, and did see several shooting stars before going back to bed. They were not particularly impressive, and that has usually been the case in past years. The weatherman who talked about them earlier in the evening said he has had the same experience. – DALE

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