Our 1st Blog Birthday

August 14, 2015 – One year ago today we posted our first blog entry, and have put out roughly one a day since. For those of you who’ve joined up since, here’s a reprint of that original post. Thanks for being our loyal readers!

August 14, 2014 – We have always been writers in our family, and our son David recently spent an hour convincing us that we should write a blog about life on our own version of Green Acres. And so that’s what we’ve got here – our entrance into the world of blogging.

Our home is located on 18 acres of woods and pastures in western Missouri near Kansas City. Over the years we’ve planted a variety of fruit trees, grapes, flowers, and a large vegetable garden, not to mention clearing a number of paths through the woods and fields. These provide a great place for walks, especially with Dawg the dog. I still hang our clothes on an outdoor clothes line when possible, can and freeze our garden vegetables, and write up a weekly article on the church service for our local newspaper.

We love living in the country, and boy does it keep us young! – CHRIS

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One Response to Our 1st Blog Birthday

  1. Richard Christoph says:

    Dear Aunt Sis and Uncle Dale,
    I brought Dad from rehab for a visit to our house today and just read yesterday’s 1st anniversary blog post to him. Congratulations from us both on this milestone, and please keep the tales and experiences coming.
    Love from Dad, Terri, and me


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