Bagels please, hold the lox

Bagels by the dozens

Bagels by the dozens

August 13 – Awhile back I ended up trying something that wasn’t very bright! While thawing out the big freezer down in the basement, I found lots and lots and even more than that of bagels; and many of the packages had been there hiding away a long time. In good condition, but I wanted to clear them out to make room for other things. What to do? Bright idea! I carried all the bagels up to the kitchen, opened all of the packages, and laid them out on cookie tins, a dozen each. Many hours during the day I worked, turning over the bagels so they would toast on both sides.

About eight hours from the time I began, I had three large plastic bags full of supposedly delicious treats! Knowing Dale likes zwieback (toasted bread), I knew he would enjoy those bagels—only he didn’t! Why? They were so hard that I couldn’t even break off a small piece. Instead I had to put one on the bread board and bash it with a big cutting knife. As the pieces popped out into the sink and even on the floor, I decided that maybe, just maybe, I had made a big mistake. No wonder it took me all day to toast those half-bagels; there were 150 of them!

Dale getting ready to feed the catfish

Dale getting ready to feed the catfish

Since WE weren’t going to eat them, and the birds didn’t act as if they were at all interested in those we tossed out by the bird feeder, we decided to take them back to the pond and throw them out to the catfish! There was great interest right off the bat. As the hard circles were blown slowly here and there, we could see a number of the big ugly fish come to the surface and try to take a bite. Not much luck. We would see the bagel disappear part way below the surface, but in a little bit of time, there it would be still floating along.

Dale decided that the fish would have to wait for a bit until the bagels were soaked through enough that they would break up and make a meal for the fish. I appreciated the fact that Dale never gave me a hard time on my bright idea, but I will not toast any more bagels for hours and hours as they end up with the consistency of a rock! By the next day, at least, there were no more toasted circles floating around on the pond! – CHRIS

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