There are always weeds begging to be pulled

There are always weeds begging to be pulled

August 11 – Late last week just after I had put the second load of clothes on the line, I meandered over to the yucca patch near the road because I just had to pull the very tall weeds in one section. You know that kind of weed–so pretty with its big plume blowing in the wind– that is so abundant, but should be yanked out.

I had quite a big pile of the weeds already pulled as I neared the other end of the patch. Too bad! Must be a wasp nest in the hollow place beside a big yucca. Didn’t take me long after feeling a burn on my ankle and wrist before I decided I had had enough of that job! Strange, though. I didn’t see even one of those pesty insects. Dale, in all his wisdom, told me I should go back and knock the rest of the weeds over and over to see if wasps WOULD come out! Great suggestion, right? No, wrong!

I had to go over to see Bryan Pope around noon, and by the time I returned, Dale had taken the big pile of weeds away–the weeds I had pulled. He had also solved the puzzle, because he was bitten, not stung, too. A deer fly! No wonder I didn’t see any wasps. How well I remember the deer flies when we would walk back home out in Greene Township or Waterford. Sure can sting and make life miserable.

All day long those spots on my ankle and wrist really burned, and the marks are still easily seen. Guess that’s why I am still not convinced that those deer flies were to blame. For several days, I just scratched and scratched and continued to put lotion or salve onto the hurting places, but it’s good to say that they are OK now.

Yes, we still have cassette tapes!

Yes, we like cassette tapes!

Got a bunch of CD’s and a ton of cassette tapes at Thrift during our Thursday trip. The CD’s were only a quarter and the tapes free! Lots of great music on both. Took me a long time to go through the bunch, but it was worth it. Right now we have a CD of James Galway on (one of Dale’s real favorites), and will have Celtic voices and instruments, etc as Dale sure does like that kind of music.) A number of the cassettes are done by the Gaither organization, and others very special marches, opera themes, etc. We did well! – CHRIS

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