Of Cabbages and Chain Saws

August 6 – It looks like it just might rain some more today, and how pleasant are the cooler temperatures. Tuesday around this time it was very hot and humid and I didn’t even want to face the outdoors, so stayed inside at the computer keyboard for hours. Chris was actually out with the hand mower, mowing grass back on the pond wall and thereabouts, and then got on the rider mower and did a lot more mowing. How fortunate she did that, as later in the day along came a lot of thunder and then quite a lengthy rain. The garden of course was delighted, and so was I, as if it hadn’t rained I would have been out there with buckets of water for thirsty plants.

Fresh-picked cucumbers

Fresh-picked cucumbers

The cucumber plants are busy producing cucumbers, LOTS of them. We also picked tomatoes, and Chris harvested a number of nice green peppers. Since things had cooled down, I got to work by weeding around the lima beans and mowing alongside them, and then did some mowing in other parts of the garden. Raked up some big bundles of cut grass and added them to the compost heap, which is now very large.

Dale's semi-trusty chainsaw

Dale’s semi-trusty chainsaw

The chain saw has been acting up and the chain would just not turn, although the engine would be running. I took the chain off a couple of times and lubricated it and the bar, and things would look good until I began to cut, and then it would lock up. On Monday I finally took the saw over to our mechanic/friend Wayne and he made a couple of minor adjustments and said the bar seemed to be worn and probably needed to be replaced. Back here at home, would you believe, the saw ran just fine when I used it to cut up a tree that had fallen over one of our trails. So for now all is well and I hope that saw does not decide to give me any more trouble.

You rang?

You rang?

Recently I picked up an old bird box I had hung on the fence after it fell down from its supporting branch, and took it up to my workshop to throw in the burning barrel. To my surprise, a little face was looking out of the entrance hole – a deer mouse. It didn’t want to come out, so I started taking the box apart with a screw driver and finally most of the parts were off and Mouse was exposed to the world. Then it hopped out and sped across the lawn to some tall grass nearby.

Blue-tailed skink

Blue-tailed skink

Later on I was sitting in the living room reading, and felt something crawling around on my knee under my pants leg! A little worried that it might be a large wolf spider, I stood up and shook the pant leg. Out fell a tiny blue-tailed lizard, which I promptly captured. How and why it had gone up there I have no idea! Chris took some pictures of it before I released it.

Chris called me earlier to come out on the front porch where she was reading, and said I should watch the humming birds at the feeder. They were very busy, humming and buzzing around all over the place, and there were six of them, more than usual. Since there are only four holes in the feeder, and hummers don’t like company at the feeder anyway, nobody was happy with the situation and nobody was getting much to drink.

Fresh head of cabbage

Fresh head of cabbage

We’ll be going to Pleasant Hill today as usual, so I shall be bringing a couple of cabbages to give to some friends there. Some people I know don’t like cabbage, and I hope these folk do. We have two rows of cabbage plants, and the one on the west side doesn’t look all that good and has a lot of cabbage worm damage. The row on the east side looks much better and has more heads ready to pick. Now why the difference, I ask?

Was thinking about the blue moon we just had. We’ve never seen it blue, but we just got an e-mail from Wayne Vail, saying he had gone out at 1 a.m. to see the moon, and it was really blue. Have read that certain weather conditions can make the moon look blue, and I guess those conditions prevailed that night. – DALE

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