Blue Moon over Pleasant Hill

August 5 – Did any of you take the time to get outside just after sunset this week to see the “blue moon” that has been an item of great interest in this household? No, it isn’t ‘blue”, of course, but it’s called that for a special reason. There have been times when there were certain size dust particles in the atmosphere, making the moon look bluish. It is so unusual that all through the years people have used the phrase, “once in a blue moon” to describe a rare happening.

Stylized moon

Stylized moon

Today, “blue moon” refers to the second full moon in a calendar month. The first full moon in July was on July 2, and since the month had 31 days there could be a second full moon, which came on the 31st. We have sat out on the porch for the last week or so watching the beautiful moon come up to bring light to the entire sky. I took some photos of the beautiful moon, but since I don’t use a tripod or know too much about my camera, the round moon became a little elongated. Still golden, though! In the early morning, our bedroom is full of light that shines from the moon through the windows. Really something worth seeing, even if you do lose a little sleep. The next blue moon will be in January 2018.

We had an interesting time at the garage sale put on by the St. Bridget’s Church last week. Talk about tables and tables packed full of all sorts of things: dishes, kids’ stuff, clothes, books, antiques, computers, cell phones, DVD’s and CD’s. and much more! Since I am always on the look out for kids’ toys and books, puzzles and games, I first head for that section, while Dale wanders around looking for things that interest him, mostly odd or unusual items.

Nobody here but us chickens, boss. OK, plus a tiger...

Nobody here but us chickens, boss. OK, plus a tiger…

When I checked in at the stuffed animals section, I found several I decided to purchase: a big hen with chicks fastened under her wings, a big rooster that must have been part of the family, a koala, a puppy, and a strange kind of bear. But the real treasure was a white tiger, with the most beautiful face I have ever seen on a stuffed animal! As I am looking into his face right now, it’s easy to see that whoever fashioned him, knew what he was doing! If I stare at the tiger long enough and let my eyes become a little blurry, I could believe that he was real.

Chicken Soup books to give away

Chicken Soup books to give away

As we checked out our finds that night, we were pleased to see things we could use and others we could give away. But where was the book I had planned to give to Harvey, our son-in-law? Obviously, we had left it behind at the sale. Dale to the rescue! “Since we have to pick up the car at the repair shop tomorrow, we could go back to St. Bridget’s before that!” Hooray for Dale to come up with that, but he had the right idea, because when we drove up to the church, we found signs that said, “Half-off on almost everything!” Well, that was good news. The book was gone, but we found others along with notebook paper, tracing paper, and Chicken Soup books (those to give away, since they were all duplicates).

One of our $1 cassette players

One of our $1 cassette players

But the real find?! Not for many folks these days, but very special for me. Two cassette tape players! Does that date me? Sure it does, but I don’t care because I almost always have a tape playing in the kitchen while I work there. These days it is just about a miracle to find one for sale, and guess what? With the half price sale, we paid only a buck each, and I knew they were in good shape before we left, because I asked one of the ladies if she would plug them in and try a tape.

As we paid for our purchases, I told one of the church ladies that anyone can try to make other people think they have all the knowledge and ideas that will make them someone to look up to, but to me, it’s the actions that count. Those ladies were working so hard and smiling and happy as they were bringing in funds for their church activities.

When she asked about our church, she mentioned that one of her family members about 50 miles away was a member. Small world, because when she asked if I knew that person, I said, “No, but our son-in-law is part of her family!” Small world, right? Sometimes a hug or a bright smile will do wonders for someone who is having a hard day, needing some cheering up. We don’t need to be rich or overly intelligent, or wear the latest fashion, but each of us can be a help to all around us. – CHRIS

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