Fence Repair

Hay bales and a clean fence row

Hay bales and a clean fence row

July 30 – Anybody using air conditioning in your house lately? Ours has been going on and off, but we are comfortable. Have hardly been outside at all. Looking for some rain this week and some cooler weather.

Harvey and his dad were over here yesterday, raking and baling the hay in our pastures, and we saw they got 17 and 1-2 bales, which is a bit more than usual. They put a small load of crushed stone or concrete on the crossing of our little creek, so they could get their baler across. A big rain will probably wash it away, and I’m thinking of perhaps buying a couple of bags of cement powder and sticking those chunks together. We’re waiting on the guy who we talked to about making a crossing, but he may have forgotten about it.

The busted fence

The busted fence

Monday morning we were at the church, fixing up the wooden fence that I ran our Ford Ranger through a couple of weeks ago when my foot slipped off the brake pedal and hit the accelerator instead. How embarrassing. Ever since then I have been at work getting the replacement boards ready. They were damp from being stored outside at the lumber company, and had to dry for several days. Then I applied a primer and crack filler, and finally they were ready to go. They were ten footers and had to be cut to length with my chain saw. A church friend had provided the broken upright-post replacement that he had lying around at home.

The very last saw cut was on an older board that could still be used, and wouldn’t you know, there was an old nail embedded in it that the chain saw hit squarely on and blunted itself rather badly. So, I was unable to finish the cut very accurately and will have to provide a filler strip the next time I am over there.

Surprise lilies now in bloom

Surprise lilies now in bloom

We had a vole running around all over the kitchen this week, and it didn’t even try to stay hidden. I think we saw it at least half a dozen times, darting from one hiding place to another. Once it even ran over my feet as I stood at the kitchen sink. The cat chased it once but couldn’t catch up. It seemed able to vanish somehow, and though I looked in a couple of places where it had disappeared, it was never there. Finally I baited a couple of traps, and not too much later, I heard a sound in the living room that was suspiciously like a trap going off. Vole was in it, dead.

Our surprise lilies have started blooming, and are in great display in the yard. Enjoy the evening and if you get any rain, don’t let it keep you awake! – DALE

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