Bales and Trails

The Reynolds baler

The Reynolds baler

July 27 – We walked two of our trails yesterday afternoon to see how the haying was going. Bob and Harvey cut the last two fields full on Sunday evening, and Kevin baled it all on Monday. Eighteen bales, more than they have had before. Usually it’s about 13. It’s so hard for the baler to go across the creek bed towards the pond that they had to put some rock down. Harvey says it will be gone by the time of the next rain.

We have asked the guy who did the pond, etc. to come and fix that place and also to fix up the space in the lawn and driveway where the rains make a big lake, but he hasn’t come for that. Dale ordered two loads of gravel from a guy who works with our propane orders; he has phoned twice asking if the work is done yet so he can come. No such luck!

Getting the fence boards ready

Getting the fence boards ready

We spent several hours at the church in the morning while Dale put up some new boards on the fence. I weeded some plants that have not been touched since who knows when, etc., and we clipped some branches that interfere with the cars coming up the driveway for Harvesters.

Hot enough temps, but the humidity is not in our corner! Dale had to sit down on a chair he brought along for a bit and has been sitting a lot this afternoon. Oh, well, I have, too! – CHRIS

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