Busy day, late night



July 23 – Have finished Rummikub and will now go on to bed. It has been a busy day, as usual. When Patrice (from Doctor Lampe’s office) asked what we did every day, the doctor answered for us. “They work,” he said, “a lot harder than we do, even though they are older!” Well, they work because they know what they are doing and people need their help. We just work because the job needs doing and we enjoy it.

We haven’t had as much rain lately as normal, but it did rain a bit earlier this week all the way from Lone Jack to about a mile from Wornall. We do NOT need more!

A much-cleaner fence row

A much-cleaner fence row

After Dale left for his board meeting the other night, I went out and weeded in the blackberry patch. Talk about weeds and more weeds! Actually, the weeds came out more easily tonight after the rain than they did yesterday when we started. But when you can get blackberries to eat, it’s worth the effort! They have always been one of David’s favorite fruits.

While Dad painted the new boards for the church fence, I got some much needed mowing done around the pond and under the front fence going north. Have to get going because it is supposed to rain again soon. Of course with the riding mower out with a belt problem, I did four hours of the mowing using just the push mower! Was it a self-propelled mower? Yes, by me!

Hay bales

Hay bales

I am always glad to get the mowing by the fence done as it looks so much better. Now when Harvey mows, he gets a LOT more grass than we do, and ends up with a hay bale. This is one of the four he got on the two small pieces of land. They’ll usually get about 13 or so by the time they are finished.. – CHRIS

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