Floods with no dizziness

Patrice and Dr. Lampe

Patrice and Dr. Lampe

July 20 – We were in Lee’s Summit and thereabouts today, visiting our friend Dr. Lampe, the “dizzy” doctor who helped Chris get over her dizziness. We had a nice visit and are safely home. His office secretary is full of giggles and laughs, and right off wanted to know if we had brought any goodies along. She also wanted to know about our blog so she could keep track of us outside the office.

Flooding on Indian Creek

Flooding on Indian Creek

The office building where MABI is located is right on the edge of Indian Creek, now a rushing flooded river with all the rain from last night. In fact, the ground floor parking lot beneath was filled with water! Just down the river we could see huge waves leaping up and wondered what the water was running over to cause that.

When we came out maybe a half hour or slightly more afterwards, the water level had fallen greatly. Amazing how fast it had dropped, and we’re glad Chris got her pictures beforehand and not after.

Channel 41 reporting on the flooding

Channel 41 reporting on the flooding

Right on the edge a Channel 41 TV truck was parked and the photographer was standing there taking pictures of a young lady who was describing the flood. When Chris stopped to ask the young lady about something, she said, “OK, but I have only 15 seconds till I’m on!”

As I need to be at a church board meeting this evening, chose not to do any outdoor work this afternoon in order to avoid having to go have another bath! Chris is putting away the stuff we bought at store, and we got some good bargains on various items including Smuckers and Planters Peanut on a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale. Not to mention that watermelons were going for $2.99.

$2.99 watermelon

$2.99 watermelon

We went to Aldi’s in Lee’s Summit and got several items, including an avocado. Chris talked to one of the employees about the last batch we bought there and had to throw out. He said we could have brought them back for a refund, but since we hadn’t, we should just go to the cashier, tell them about the problem, and we would be reimbursed. – DALE

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