Pulling weeds, cutting weeds, digging weeds

Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace

July 19 – Had no problem keeping warm today but it wasn’t as bad as other recent days. We worked on the section of fence along the road, between the bamboo patch and the little creek where we used to have a bridge. The area under and close to the barbed wire was thick with Queen Anne’s lace and other thick-stemmed weeds that Chris couldn’t cut with the hand-mower, so we went through with a slasher and hand clippers and then with our two hand-mowers.

On our way back to the house she stopped to work on weeding the blackberry patch, which was very weedy, so I joined her for a while and we pulled up a couple of buckets of weeds each before retiring for the day. We were surprised at how dry the ground was, and how well some of the grasses were rooted in it. Am not sure what we’ll be doing tomorrow, but may get down to some more weeding.

Chicory - pretty maybe, but still a weed!

Chicory – pretty maybe, but still a weed!

We were surprised that the rains didn’t come today, giving us a chance to do more outside. However, it was all VERY tiring, with mostly mowing under fence rows, clipping, slashing, etc. Dale is feeling better, but he won’t be if he doesn’t slow down a bit. We plan to go to Lee’s Summit tomorrow and also to the “dizzy doctor,” Dr. Lampe. We haven’t seen him since a year ago in May! That is a real miracle and sure has made a difference in my life. Boy, anything but real dizziness to have to contend with.

Our son recently bought a new weedeater; I hope his lasts a lot longer than ours! I don’t know how many times he has had to pay to have it fixed! He used it a bit recently back on the compost heap where I had knocked down the big and tall weeds. We were both about ready to give up the ghost when we came in after we had been working several hours in the heat and humidity. I pulled weeds and pulled weeds and still more till I just decided I wouldn’t be able to stay out there like that any longer! – CHRIS and DALE

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