Endless rain (or so it seemeth)

the Harvester's truck, ready for business

the Harvester’s truck, ready for business

July 11 – Are all of you getting the rain you need? It’s been raining here for I don’t know how long, but it’s been hours and hours (and days and days). Not a hard rain, but just endless.

It has raining just about every morning, including last week during the monthly Harvesters food truck day at our church. Since we always volunteer to help hand out the food, we got up and dressed appropriately and were on our way. We had prayed that at least the rain would stop while we were handing out the food to the long line of vehicles passing by the Harvesters truck, but it didn’t stop. Instead it grew a little heavier and the drops were falling on us thick and fast. The canopy on both sides of the truck would not come out, as it was jammed, so we just had to stand there in the rain and look happy.

Our own personal puddle

Our own personal puddle

We had chosen the compartment with bags of apples, and of course right there was the deepest rain puddle of all and we had to wade through it each time we walked out to put apples in a vehicle. On one side of us were the cabbage and potato compartments, and on the other side were sweet potatoes and bottles of drinks. On the other side of the truck were the various kinds of bread, bagels, buns, etc. and I don’t know what else.

Chris and I at least had on light jackets over our shirts, but the guy next to us had just his yellow church shirt and he was wringing water out of it and doubtless feeling rather chilly. The temperature was only in the 60’s, and we got wet all the way to our skin. Finally all the waiting vehicles passed through and the cleaning up and putting away processes were taken care of.

Dale in his Harvesters shirt

Dale in his Harvesters shirt

Off we went with a box of food for Luevina Wallace at her home down the road a few miles. That box was so soggy it just fell apart and we had to carry in the contents in their separate containers. We only entered the house foyer as we were too wet to go any further, said hello and goodbye, and were on our way home.

We were sure glad to get home and take off our wet and cold clothes and put on warm, dry stuff, and turn the furnace on and set the thermostat to 72 degrees. We were worried on the way home that we might find the highway under water in places but fortunately it wasn’t. It sure is in other areas. Each night we watch the weatherman making his predictions about strong winds and tornadoes and rain, but we didn’t get anything serious.

No rain during the day at least earlier in the week and we managed to get some outdoor work done. Chris mowed along a fence between us and our north neighbor, getting rid of the plant life under the barbed wire, and I mowed around our six burning piles, making a trail of cut grass so the farm mowers will know where not to mow whenever they come over. The grass was tall and dense and I worried about chiggers and had to struggle to get that mower moving along, but I succeeded. No extra chigger bites resulted that I know of.

Ruined water tank

Ruined water tank

Later we decided to we might as well try to burn one of our larger burning piles and soon had it alight and smoking nicely. Why does the smoke always blow in one’s face, no matter on which side one is standing? I added a piece of that water tank plastic to see if it would burn, and it did burn very nicely after a warming-up period, much better than the dry wood. Just about everything on the heap burned until the next rain put the fire out. – DALE

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