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Really true friends

June 17 – Just a few bits and pieces for this time, so I don’t end up doing lots of writing about one topic. Actually, the one topic these days has to do with rain and rain and more rain, … Continue reading

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An early Father’s Day

June 16 – When son David arrived Sunday morning, he was laden with all sorts of goodies, as he often is when he comes to visit. However, the main one was a gift for Dale for Father’s Day coming up – … Continue reading

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Gutter guards and bamboo burning

June 15 – It was good to have our son out for a working visit yesterday as he helped us with a number of things around the house and yard. What a difference in our gutters and the leaf exclusion, … Continue reading

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Yes, we’re still here

June 14 – This last week has been quite the long week, with so much to do, and so many places to be that it was hard to remember. Originally I had planned to have two days to mow and … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – German baking

June 14 – I often tried to surprise Ma by trying to clean the house myself while she was out selling vegetables or eggs. She couldn’t always find everything I had put away, but I know she appreciated my trying. … Continue reading

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An evening with Joel Sartore

June 12 – For a change a pace, here’s a brief review of a program we attended in Kansas City back in April. Our son-in-law Harvey (more like a son), picked us up to drive to downtown Kansas City to … Continue reading

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The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la!

June 11 – What a surprise this morning to find our catalpa tree loaded with beautiful big white blossoms. Buds yesterday, and thanks to the heat and humidity, blooms today. The blossoms look so pure. Around the house near the … Continue reading

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Fighting with blackberries

June 10 – At last! After being stuck inside day after day because of the heavy rains, with just 4 days in May when the rainwater continued to fill the pond and puddles, and the same during the first week … Continue reading

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Hot days have arrived

June 9 – Turn off your furnace and turn on the air conditioning – it’s going to be warm today folks! We probably won’t be having air conditioning on yet apart from the open doors and windows. Got about 3/4″ … Continue reading

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African Tales – Caterpillars

June 7 – In a kopje in the area was a cave called Mlevu’s Cave, a cave where African Christians had hidden the belongings of the white missionaries who had fled to Bulawayo during the Second Matabele War. After the rebellion … Continue reading

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