From My Childhood – the Lawn Swing Incident

When all else fails, call for Ma!

When all else fails, call for Ma!

June 29 – One day I was playing in our heavy lawn swing, swinging back and forth as fast as I could go, pumping with all of my strength as I stood on the floor part, disdaining the seats. Way up in the air I went in both directions, paying no attention to the shaking and quivering of the boards or paying any heed to the sides as they lifted slightly off the ground. That was really fun, and I felt the power of being master of that monster of a swing, even though I was just a small child.

But that swing paid me back for my pride. Suddenly the whole contraption tipped over, with me underneath and the long bolt from one of the uprights in my head. I pulled out the bolt, dug myself out from the debris and screamed my way up the hill to Ma. Always run to Ma – we knew she would do something! She did – the egg white treatment. She cut off the bloody, gooey hair from around the deep wound, put on the egg white and pulled the wound together to be held with tape.

I was put down to rest on the settee, and quickly fell asleep, I suppose from fear and sheer relief that I wasn’t going to die. I woke up feeling a soreness in my head. A week later the tape came off, the wound had grown together, and I have the scar and a small bald spot to prove the truth of the incident. We were tough back in those days! – CHRIS

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