Weathering the Storm

The storm after it passed through

The storm after it passed through

June 26 – We had quite a storm last night, after we were all in bed, with lots of lightning and wind. There was also a storm earlier in the evening, and a large maple limb crashed down right again the back of the house. I cut it up this morning and dragged it away in pieces, and they were sure heavy. There’s another one still up in the tree, out of reach and we shall have to figure out how to get it down. A large limb broke in our big mulberry tree and the big end is still semi-attached, much too high to reach with a chain saw. Will probably saw off what I can reach from the ground and let the rest hang for a while. I went around this morning and picked up a multitude of smaller branches too.

The water better days

The water tank…in better days

The most astonishing thing I discovered was that our 1600 gallon water tank behind the barn was smashed to bits last night. Can’t really figure out how that wind could have done that to a full tank. With an insurance deductible on it, I’ll have to find out what a new one will cost. Chris wants to walk the trails after the washing is done, to see what else has broken off. It looked like more rain this morning but is now sunny so she decided to do some washing and get us some clean clothes. I don’t have any work pants left to wear!

During that storm last night we had some electric problems thanks to the lightning. With the help of our visiting friend Mike, we finally got things straightened out again. The ceiling light and fan over the dining room table wouldn’t work although the switches downstairs were all in the “on” position. Finally after switching the appropriate switch on and off a couple of times, our electricity was restored. Then Mike noticed the air conditioning was blowing warm air, and discovered eventually that the lightning had shut off one of the switches in the switch box. Switching the switch back to “on” cured that problem. The little lamp by the living room phone came on by itself without being touched. Things are doing better this afternoon. – DALE

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