Town Day – Part 1

June 22 – Both Dale and I look forward to our “town day” on Thursday. Yes, we do our shopping in several places, but seeing our friends and visiting with them is the best part of the day. We check the ads for bargains, buy groceries, and gas for the car and mowers, but those activities don’t bring back memories of folks we have learned to love and appreciate through the years. Only people themselves can do that.

Another book for the kids

Another book for the kids

First off last week, was the Thrift Store, where Bobbie and Susan take care of all of the donations from garage sale leftovers, and from those who are cleaning out materials they no longer use. As usual, the first place I stopped was at the kids’ books, as Bobbie, a former teacher and grandmother, always tells me to check out the box of reading material because she has just put in more books. Sometimes I see duplicates of those I have checked out a couple weeks earlier, but there are always more¬†dealing with boats, cars, girls and boys, animals, sticker books, families, food, and so many more.

Sometimes these days, kids don’t care much about reading books because they have so much to check out on TV, cell phone, and the computer. Those two ways of education are good; I won’t argue about that, but there’s a lot of programs that kids shouldn’t even watch. Instead, just curled up on the couch, or lying comfortably with a pillow under the head while reading a book, is the way to go! We were also glad to find lots of good CD’s, like Celtic music, Sousa marches, college songs, hymns, and classical favorites.

As we were driving to our next stop, I noticed a garage sale sign along the way. As usual, we drove to the address and found a very interesting display of hundreds of books, maps, coloring books, candles, pencils, magic markers, and so much more in the fifty displays. A smiling lady, who had retired from her teaching job at the end of May, was selling off most of the supplies she had bought and used through many years. Was I interested? Of course, but not in buying the materials, because I retired years ago and just last year decided not to be a school volunteer as I had been ever since we moved here sixteen years ago. No matter. It was lots of fun to check out the varied items and think just how a teacher could use them next year. Some young folks must have had that in mind, because they were purchasing a good many of them.

Working on the road by Clyde's house

Working on the road by Clyde’s house

As we were pulling into Clyde’s driveway, we saw him on the seat of the big riding mower. Our first thought, of course, was that he would be mowing the lawn, so we should skip a visit with him and Nan this time. However, as soon as he noticed we were there, he got off the mower and came out to say hi. “I thought you might stop in today,” he said, “because we didn’t see you last week!”

Then he pointed out a big hole in the lawn where some men from town were coming out to plant a new maple tree where an ancient tree had resided before it lost its good health! As we talked with Nan, she told us of her plans to go to dinner and tea with one of her British friends. Six friends who have come to the States from England and Scotland enjoy talking over old times as they meet together.

As we were getting ready to leave, Clyde said, “Wait just a minute; I have something for you.” Coming out of the house with a small brown wooden box in his hand, he said, “Now this is a puzzle, and I know that with your ability, you can put it together. When I was putting it in the car, I saw a couple pieces that had fallen in the driveway. Another in the front seat. Now I hope all of the pieces are there! Let me know when you put it together.” Well, Dale is the puzzle solver in this house, but he hasn’t done it yet. I haven’t even tried, but I plan to do so. Over the weekend, while David’s family was visiting with us, his daughter Rindy was able to solve that puzzle! Good for her! – CHRIS

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