Mowing and eating and cicadas

I am tired of clouds - they always mean rain!

I am tired of clouds – they always mean rain!

June 19 – No rain today, so they are saying. Was dry yesterday too, until a light rain fell late in the evening. We got a lot of mowing done in the afternoon after we got home from Pleasant Hill and Lee’s Summit, but the grass became  damp as the day got late and was coming out of the mowers in clumps, so the lawn does not look good at all today and we probably won’t get around to raking it. Our granddaughter Rindy just called to say that she and some of the family will be coming out here tomorrow for a visit, so they may just have to face an ugly lawn!

Fresh cherry pie and cobbler

Fresh cherry pie and cobbler

We went to Lee’s Summit yesterday to have a celebratory buffet meal at HyVee (since we had a gift card), and usually eat there once or twice a year. This way we celebrated both Father’s Day and Chris’ birthday. Ate too much, of course, so had no real supper. Chris did have a bowl of corn flakes and I had a slice of cherry pie late in the evening. I needed some kind of food to go with my cortisone pill, you know. Yesterday I looked at the cherry trees and they have practically no cherries left, except old moldy ones.

We stopped at Barney’s place yesterday on the way home, and had a brief visit with him. He was mowing when we arrived, and he said he tries to keep busy. The 17-year cicadas were all over his yard and in his trees, and singing loudly. There were large mounds of larval shells at the foot of several trees. Chris got a lot of pictures, as these cicadas are not terribly shy or nervous; some even landed on our backs. I don’t think that Barney lives even two miles from here, so it seems odd that he would have all these cicadas and we have hardly any.

Scrawny tomatoes thanks to the wet weather

Scrawny tomatoes thanks to the wet weather

Chris has the washing out on the line, and has brought some of it in already. She has been fixing food in the kitchen and did the dishes while I was doing e-mail and not listening to the sounds of dishes clanking. As I have more house-cleaning to do, some clothes pressing to take care of, etc., I will call a halt to this post. Wish I could also call a halt to the rain so our garden would grow better! – DALE

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  1. Cecilia says:

    I like your post, it has such a great mood. Thanks!


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