Gutter guards and bamboo burning

Dave installing gutter guards

Dave installing gutter guards

June 15 – It was good to have our son out for a working visit yesterday as he helped us with a number of things around the house and yard. What a difference in our gutters and the leaf exclusion, thanks to the metal gutter guards he installed. That will make a big difference in my future activities up there on the ladder!

Dave also brought a mandevilla vine for Chris’ birthday; it is beautiful and should make a great showing. Will have to work up a trellis of some sort so the blooms can be well displayed. He also brought out a new variety of cheese for me to try (he and I are both big cheese fans), and a bag of coffee-flavored candy from his wife Darlene.

Cherries fresh from the tree

Cherries fresh from the tree

I understand there may be a cherry pie residing in the Fairchild residence in the near future made from hand-picked cherries. There’s a lot of activity involved in getting the cherries ready for a pie, besides the actual baking. What a nuisance, having to check every cherry for any unwelcome residents! After Dave left for the day, Chris and I pitted the cherries we had picked a day or two earlier, and what a lot of them were no longer any good. Since they were in the fridge all the time, one sort of wonders why they were in worse shape than when first picked!


Before the burn

During the burn

During the burn

Had fun burning the big bamboo heap and hearing all the bangs and crackles. What’s left now is mostly juniper limbs, and they’ll have to dry out for a while, as it rained late yesterday afternoon. Glad the rain came late so it didn’t disrupt any of any the earlier activities.

And thanks to various outside activities somewhere in the last couple of days, I made the acquaintance of chiggers and have over 20 of them to contend with right now. Even have one on my ear! I hope nobody else encountered them while pushing the remnants of the bamboo heap into the fire. Of course, the heat should have toasted all the close ones, but time will tell.

Chris has been busy for quite a while this morning, working on her latest blog entries. We decided to stop putting out birdseed for awhile as the squirrels were eating most of it. So, no squirrels around this morning (or very few any way), and I guess the birds will just have to find their own food for a while. As our son might say to the squirrels, this is why we can’t have nice things! – DALE

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