Yes, we’re still here

Dale planting bell peppers

Dale planting bell peppers

June 14 – This last week has been quite the long week, with so much to do, and so many places to be that it was hard to remember. Originally I had planned to have two days to mow and to help Dale plant, but it didn’t work out which days we had planned to do what.

I do remember that I mowed and helped plant for about eight hours one day, and not too much less than that on another. Anyway, the best part of the whole deal is that our son came out today and helped us with several big chores (more on that later).

Just heard on the news that folks in California have now been forbidden to use as much water as before. Some of the folks who cut down on their own, now have to bow down even harder. And here in the midwest it just keeps raining and won’t stop.

I had fully planned to write a “real” blog post today, but time went by too fast, too many things had to be done, etc. (I did pick out some photos last night and you’ll likely see them down the road a piece). Barney stopped by Friday afternoon to return our flag that Betty had made for us. It was the one on the easel at the funeral. Poor guy, this has to be very hard. We shall try to keep in touch just as we did before Betty died. – CHRIS

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