The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra-la!

Catalpa in bloom

Catalpa in bloom

June 11 – What a surprise this morning to find our catalpa tree loaded with beautiful big white blossoms. Buds yesterday, and thanks to the heat and humidity, blooms today. The blossoms look so pure. Around the house near the front you could find a complete bed of lollipop lilies. So colorful and sprightly, lasting a long time as far as lilies are concerned, they are one of my favorite flowers. Down by the creek, near the iris bed, are the lovely spiderworts.

Lollipop lilies

Lollipop lilies

Speaking of flowers, a couple days ago, as we were walking, we saw a pretty blue one, and then several more. Although Dale recognized them, he couldn’t quite remember the name. After we checked various sources in flower books, we found they were penstemons. It is really fun to check out the wild flowers along the road when we walk, just to see if we remember their names. Through the years we have kept lists of flowers we have seen and recognized, checking to see if any are missing from one year to the next.

Sometimes I’m so anxious to see a particular flower for the first time that year that I leave the safety of the road, forgetting for the moment that ticks and chiggers are not my friends. That night, though, I have proof on my arms and legs that I did meet up with those lovely insects, as I see the tick hanging on for dear life, while the raised welt left by the chigger doesn’t go away for several days. I had never heard of Chiggerex back east, but use plenty of it out here! – CHRIS

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