Hot days have arrived

View from the front porch

View from the front porch

June 9 – Turn off your furnace and turn on the air conditioning – it’s going to be warm today folks! We probably won’t be having air conditioning on yet apart from the open doors and windows. Got about 3/4″ of rain last night. The last I knew was seeing lots of lightning as we lay in bed, and then I conked out, I guess.

Had some breakfast this morning and I have decided not to buy any more avocados from what has been our usual supplier. Bought half a dozen from them last week, and finally one of them began to soften yesterday, so I opened it and found much of it was black. I ate the green part and it was bitter. Opened all the rest of them this morning and threw most of them away, ate some, and threw away the rest.

Chris has been doing washing and has a couple of loads out on the lines already. I don’t know yet what we’ll be doing today. Will need to wait until the grass dries, of course, and then we’ll consider mowing and doing weed-eating out by the pond. Lots of greenery out there that needs cutting.

Sunset clouds

Sunset clouds

Yesterday afternoon there was a knock at our front door, and there was the 13 year old boy from down the road a mile or so, who had come by bicycle to see us. Last year he would drop in every so often to say hello, and also to occasionally get some tomatoes if we had plenty to offer. He sometimes speaks softly, so we had to get a lot of repeats. He’s a smart kid and knows a lot; his family lives in the house where our friends the Reeces used to live.

Late Sunday afternoon Chris walked down the road northwards to get some pictures of the clouds at sunset, and over the fence across the road came a deer. It came along and stood in our front yard for a bit, and then walked and ran down the road in front of the house. I was sitting on the front porch and got a good view. Bob Reynolds mowed the grass along Reynolds Road on Sunday, so we are blessed to have a neighbor who mows on both sides of the road. – DALE

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