A sad funeral



June 6 – The funeral today for Betty Barnhart was right in Pleasant Hill, so we had no trouble getting there. We got there a bit early, so had no problems finding seats after going through a long line of sympathizers. We were amazed at how many people came (over 150), and the line went on and on, even past the time scheduled for the funeral service. A lot of folks had to sit in an adjacent room in overflow seating. I’m sure there were a lot of people there from the Baptist church.

Betty’s full name was Betty Jo, and her husband, Barney, has a sister named Betty Jean (the same name as our daughter). Barney’s real name is Donald, but nobody calls him that. His son, Kent, was there with his two siblings, and we talked to him briefly as we passed through the line, and mentioned that our son and daughter-in-law had been to some of his programs at the Quality Hill Playhouse and enjoyed them. He had the eulogy later in the service.

Not sure how they handled the funeral procession to the cemetery, as nothing was said about it in the funeral parlor. We left here before nine and got home about noon for lunch. Would have left a little earlier but the car key would not turn and we couldn’t start the car and eventually went by truck. When we got back I tried the key again and it would not turn but I twisted the steering wheel strongly to one side and that seemed to release something and I could start the car.

Sheila and the orchids

Sheila without her red hat

Chris fixed food for lunch tomorrow, and I cleaned the bathroom among other things. This evening we will head for Pleasant Hill to see part of a program put on by the Red Hat Ladies, an annual fund raiser for Meals on Wheels and the local food pantry.

One of the chief organizers is Sheila Asbury, the lady at Price Chopper that we are good friends with. She is probably the main reason why we go to this event! When she first handed us a program a couple weeks ago, she said something like “Yes, I know that there is something about your not going to things like this on Friday nights, but I wanted you to know about it.” So we won’t stay for the whole thing, but we’ll be there for part of it!

Got another 1-1/4″ of rain last night in two separate rain storms, and had quite a bit of lightning with the first one. No appreciable flooding on the road to Pleasant Hill but we did see flash flood warnings for Cass county. – DALE & CHRIS

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