Hey Rain, Enough Already

Sunset on the farm

Sunset on the farm

May 31 – Do you remember the cute little song we all sang when, as kids, we were tired of being “cooped up” inside because of the days of rain outside? “Rain, rain, go away, don’t come back for many a day!” That’s really a very appropriate jingle for me to sing today, over 80 years later!

Sorting through papers and stamps and documents, reading (even my much loved Chicken Soup tales), and pouring out the e-mails can become just a little tiresome after many days. Just heard that we have had only four days without rain during this entire month of May, with more to come before June arrives.

150531_JuneAgain I think of words that I memorized back so many years ago. “What is so rare as a day in June? Then if ever come perfect days!” Maybe James Russell Lowell had just come through a rainy month of May before he wrote his beautiful ode to June, because not once in the poem is there a mention of the need for rain, no matter how many plants and birds and animals welcome this beautiful month! Even the clouds have fled as “the skies are clear.”

However, as much as we want to get our garden in, as sad as we have been as our lovely spring flowers have fallen down to the ground, we can have no idea of what the folks especially in Texas and Oklahoma have gone through. Every day the news broadcasts tell of destruction and death in so many parts of those states. Washed down the river that has reached flood stage days before – can’t imagine how I would feel if those victims were my own family or friends.

Dark blue sky

Dark blue sky

Along with the winds and the rain, we had some very unusual cloud formations and a strange blue colored sky at sunset. As I stood out on the lawn looking towards the north, south, and east and shaking a bit in the strong winds, I could not remember seeing any other picture like that one in my whole life.

Huge rolling banks of gray and purple, then some dark clouds with various golden or orange shapes among the gray. The entire south eastern sky was filled with pink/orange. But always, just below the straight line of clouds, was that strange blue color right down to the ground. Then in the west, I could see red/orange clouds in the midst of the dark ones. Later that evening the local news told of that strange blue color that was so unusual. I won’t forget that night! – CHRIS

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