Just Peacing Out on the Porch

Across the road on the Reynolds ranch

Across the road on the Reynolds ranch

May 18 – This weekend after we had come home from church and enjoyed a tasty lunch, I decided to go out to the porch to just sit and read or maybe doze a bit, just being there to relax and enjoy the special kind of day it was.

I looked out on the lush green grass of the Reynolds’ pasture, off to the pond, and the trees beyond. Bob, with his big John Deere tractor had mowed the grass on both sides of the road just a few days before as more heavy rains and wind were to arrive soon. Just after I sat down, another neighbor with his strange-looking mowing machine came zooming down the road from his house as he always does after Bob mows, and sometimes in between. He likes to see everything trimmed just right, so he mows around our mail box and then goes back home just as quickly as he came!

150518_PeoniesOur peonies, burgundy/red, white, and pink seem to be making an extra colorful area as the five bushes bloom and bloom, making a showy part of the line of bushes and flowers. Right next to them are two mock orange bushes, full of their white blossoms, and light green foliage. A pair of mocking birds have chosen to build a nest in one of the bushes, and fly in and out during the day. While the female is in the nest, the male sits atop the electric lines, wanting to know what’s going on in “his” area. Just the other day, a huge crow came along, and was chased away very quickly!

Mock orange in the front yard

Mock orange in the front yard

A spirea bush with many white flowers completes the row (except for a very small mock orange), and it pays no attention to the fact that it hasn’t grown taller in three years, but just keeps sending out more and more big and sweet-smelling flowers every year. Not too far away, surrounding the telephone pole, is a group of white irises. I trim them off twice each week, but they come back to bloom again.

As I sat quietly, I appreciated the gentle breeze! Not just because I knew that a storm was coming with very high winds, but I just like a breeze that is content to make people happy, and provide a feeling of nostalgia that this kind of day always brings. Also watched the clouds moving slowly by, changing their sizes and shapes. Both Dale and I take time every day to see if we can see some pictures in those clouds. Some are so easy to spot, while others take a good bit of imagination. We often see big heads with obvious chins and open mouths. Sometimes it seems as if fish are swimming by, pursued by little children behind them. No wonder our Biz used to chuckle at us for seeing things that really weren’t there!

Shovel bird and

Shovel bird and “Dun Roamin'” sign

On the railing of the porch a shovel bird is master of the entire scene. What is a shovel bird? I didn’t know when we moved out here either, but it’s a metal bird made of a shovel and other metal parts. When I saw one that our son-in-law had made for his fence, I asked if he would make us one when he had the time. He is so busy on the farm and helping out in so many areas, I was surprised to find how soon we owned one that he had made.

Just below the bird on the railing is a sign that reads, “Dun Roamin’, a phrase that used to be part of Dale’s folks’ lawn display back in Michigan, and then also in Pennsylvania when they moved to be near us. And, yes, we truly are not the travelers we used to be years ago, but are perfectly satisfied to have it that way.

When Dale came out to join me on the porch, we enjoyed seeing the male mocking bird “tip-toe” along the wire above the mock orange bush. He would sit very still for a bit, then quickly skim along the wire, back and forth. Don’t know what he was trying to prove, but his antics made us chuckle. Across the pasture, we could see a vulture coming out from under a bank of clouds. One vulture at first, but soon joined by five others. They were twirling and swirling around probably looking for something to eat. Can’t say that I would ever be interested in their diet! The wasps continue to build their nest in wooden wind chimes that hang down from the ceiling, but fortunately they don’t seem to be interested in getting to know us! – CHRIS

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