Bad Backs are Bad

Cleared blackberries

Cleared blackberries

May 14 – Chris took a lengthy time today mowing around the pond area, hoping to get it done before the rain this evening. Gary Lezak the weather man says rain will arrive at 11:27 p.m., by his reckoning. She did the necessary hand mowing first, and then used the rider mower.

We went to the church this morning as volunteers for the Harvesters food truck, and had ample volunteers for the job. Chris and I handed out ten pound bags of potatoes. We were interested in cartons of dry cottage cheese, which we had never heard of before. A pastor from another district, the Clinton/Independence district I think, came to see how the job is done as his district is planning to have a Harvesters truck come and provide foods too.

Chris saw another turkey at our bird feeder and thereabouts early this morning, along with a crow, but the crow flew away before she could get a picture. She got a number of pictures of flowers and old barns this morning when we delivered a box of Harvesters food to Luevina Wallace. I don’t seem to be doing much of importance right now, thanks to this back of mine. I did go to the blackberry patch and prune off all the old dead canes just now. So not as active, but I shall recover! – DALE

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