Charity Begins…At Garage Sales?

From the garage sale

From the garage sale

May 12 – Dale and I go into Pleasant Hill every Thursday to do some shopping. More than shopping though, it’s a day to visit a number of our friends both in the stores and post office, but also in their own homes. Since it’s the garage sale season, we stopped at a couple that we saw along the way. It’s always fun to strike up a conversation with those who have the sale and to work in a few kind words or to give a hug to say good bye.

Last Thursday we stopped at a sale where a smiling man was taking care of business. At one table, I immediately thought of our church quilting group because there, neatly folded, were a number of pillow shams in various patterns. “Bet our ladies could use these,” I told Dale. “They make things like this to give away to some older folks.” As I continued to sort through them, picking out the prettiest ones, I found eight that I liked.

Star Flower pattern

Star Flower pattern

Just as I was going up to pay for the lot, a lady behind me said, “Well, you beat me to it! That’s just what I was going to buy.” That made me feel a little sad, so I told her that she could have a couple if she wanted to, and I would take the rest to the church ladies as I had planned. “Oh, no,” she said. “If you’re giving them to the church to use, just do as you planned.”

I laid them on the table for the man to count and give me the price. “Did I hear you say these would be given to the church to help people?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “Well, then, just take them. I don’t want to charge you anything for something that is going to help people.” After I had tried to convince him that we really should pay, no matter who got the shams, he repeatedly said, “No. If they’re for the church, just take them.” On the way back to the truck, I thought that I should have asked the man his name, so I could put the experience in our blog. So, back I went, and thanks to Travis, there are a couple things to use in the good work the ladies do! – CHRIS

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One Response to Charity Begins…At Garage Sales?

  1. Haibar Zair says:

    Hey this sounds so cool, pity I have never been to a garage sale ='(


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