Outdoors chores

May 6 – Tuesday in Missouri was another warm and dry day. Looking at 100% chance of rain today, so likely no yard work for us. Guess it will be e-mail and other essential indoor tasks. And we can use some rain as our water tank water level is just low enough that I can’t siphon water from it to the blue barrel next to it.

Blue-tailed lizard

Blue-tailed lizard

We got quite a bit done outside yesterday. Chris started early at mowing the front banks and other areas that needed it. Later I went out and rototilled the garden for the third time, which about makes it ready for planting. Took the minitiller and worked up a row for turnips and radishes and will plant those seeds when the row dries up after the rain and when I have bought a bag of fertilizer later this week. Was interested to find a young blue-tailed lizard in a metal dish that it couldn’t get out of, and I found it in time to save its life for posterity.

Paper wasp drone

Paper wasp drone

Chris hoed the strawberry beds and got rid of a lot of the weeds but there are still a lot more hidden away among the berry plants that will need hand work. That shed out there in the garden seems to be a magnet for wasps, as I keep finding new paper nests tucked away here and there. They are still very small with only one or two wasps on them, so it is fairly safe to give them a poke with a stick and run away. We even have a wasp nest in one of our living room windows and we can watch the queen at work with a pane of glass between us.

Wild turkeys checking out the food situation

Wild turkeys checking out the food situation

Tuesday was for the birds, apparently. Early in the day we spied two turkeys in our back yard just beyond the creek; one of them was a tom turkey all strutting and puffed up. We watched until they moved out of sight behind trees and then Chris took her camera and walked after them and got some pictures, though not at very close range. We have pictures of tiny turkeys now. There were three more hens that we couldn’t see from the house. Then in late afternoon we saw two turkeys back at the end of our west pasture, walking about slowly for quite a while.

I saw and we heard the first Baltimore oriole of the season and I put out an orange cup of nectar for it at the bird feeder, and today the cup is empty but I suspect a squirrel was the culprit. Put up two hummingbird feeders yesterday and the hummers have been coming to it but not in droves yet. Was surprised to see a pileated woodpecker on a telephone pole just for a few moments before it flew off. We rarely see those around here.

The garden before rototilling

The garden before rototilling

Have been surprised to find the rototiller working well, after such a bad showing on the first day. But it still leaves too many weeds of some varieties that are well-rooted, that I will have to remove with a hoe. I don’t know where so many weed seeds come from, as we don’t allow many weeds to reach seed stage in the garden. Speaking of weeds, we have a variety that has long prickly square-stemmed vines that just grow and take over and I cannot remember the name of the plant, nor can I find it in any book I’ve looked at. The other night in bed I suddenly remembered the name and resolved to write it down in the morning. Of course I couldn’t remember it in the morning!!! Grrrr!

Pussytoes out in the pasture

Pussytoes out in the pasture

Yesterday we went over to the pasture near the pond to see what was making the odd coloring there, and it turned out to be a big bed of pussytoes gone to seed. I thought they were dandelions from a distance but Chris went over and called out “Pussytoes!” They do form long-lived beds.  – DALE

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  1. konviktion says:

    I have seen this lizard many times in my garden but blue tail first time.


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