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Grass, weeds, and asparagus

April 17 – I wonder how many times I have said to Dale recently, “Just think of all of the things we could be doing outside if it would ever clear up!” After spending about four hours mowing this week, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Clyde!

April 15 – At the very beginning of this blog, Dale and I wish our good friend Clyde a very happy birthday! Now every birthday is special as we celebrate another year of life and the new year before us, … Continue reading

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Zwieback and BreadSpread

April 14 – Some of you have probably never heard of another thing I made yesterday after I cooked up the vegetable soup. I call it “Marmite butter,” but the mixture I make has no Marmite or butter in it! … Continue reading

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Talkin’ About Food

April 13 – There’s something about a rainy and dreary day that makes me want to make my way to the kitchen to see what I should be fixing in the line of food. Usually I put a cassette tape … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – Birthday Roses

April 11 – Growing up, each of us kids had something special for our birthdays. In fact, now as I look back on it we were treated as kings and queens, even though it might mean a lot more work … Continue reading

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It Be Friday Once Again

April 10 – Today has turned out a lot nicer than we thought it would yesterday. Chris has hung out a load of washing on the line and it is inside already, dry and put away. Now, would you believe, … Continue reading

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Can You See a Seahorse?

April 9 – While sitting in my regular living room chair, I saw a sea horse plain as day, but Dale couldn’t see it. I went over and sat in the other chair, and then I couldn’t see it either. … Continue reading

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African Tales – More Monkey Business

April 8 – One day when I was a boy, an African man came to our yard with a young vervet monkey that he wanted to sell us. Of course I was very anxious to have a pet monkey, and … Continue reading

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Flowers and Friends

April 7 – Not only are we┬árejoicing that we can work on the computer again, but also that it is bright and sunny, with no frost on the ground. Yesterday morning the lawn and fields were white with a heavy … Continue reading

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Family Doings

March 5 – Our son and his wife came over to Kingsville last night to provide special music for one of our church meetings. They also brought Chris a new Chicken Soup book, and always manage to find a recent … Continue reading

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