Town and country

April 23 – The sun shineth today but the temperature chilleth. Just a bit too cold for me to want to be outside, yet Chris was out there with the push mower, cutting the grass among the fruit trees. If my back wasn’t still sore I would probably be out there helping but won’t be trying that until tomorrow.

An old house nearby

An old house nearby

While in town we stopped at a couple of garage sales that oddly were open on Wednesday instead Thursday which is the usual. At the second one there were a number of interesting items for sale but nothing was priced and since I do not particularly like garage sales with no prices visible (and it was quite chilly) I went back to the truck and kept warm and left the wallet with Chris.

She shopped for a while and eventually had a lot of old books that she had bargained down from the asking prices. Looks like some interesting reading is coming up. On our way home we had planned to stop in and visit Barney briefly and see how his wife Betty is recovering from her case of pneumonia, but their vehicles were missing from the yard and so we continued on our way. We stopped at several places where Chris took pictures of old homes and barns, all of them with no obvious inhabitants. You will doubtless see some more of them in a day or two here on the Chris-n-Dale blog.

Kauffman Center (taken by our granddaughter Beckie)

Kauffman Center (photo taken by our granddaughter Beckie)

We saw a very nice program this week at the Muriel Kauffman Theater that Harvey kindly took us to and paid for the tickets, besides providing us with a large pizza for supper. We had what we figured must be superseats, just four rows back from the speaker and only about ten or so feet from him. Joel Sartore is a good speaker and photographer and showed us lots of bird and animal pictures.

The Muriel Kauffman Theater is sure a fancy place, just recently built, and with all sorts of stairways and elevators and signs and soft seats here and there, and heavy cables running up to glass panels in the ceiling to do we know not what. There were swarms of volunteer helpers standing around, to help people find their way. It was quite a convoluted passage from parking below to viewing areas above, but somehow Harvey was able to find his way back to his car quite easily and away we went. How he knew his way through all the tangle of highways and traffic and lights is beyond me, but he sped right along at close to 65 mph much of the way and got us safely back home. I would never attempt to drive that route myself, even in broad daylight!

From these seeds came plants to move outside

From these seeds came plants to move outside

And that’s that for this time. Gotta go out and take our potted tomato plants and pepper plants into the workshop for the night, as it promises to be rather chilly tonight. Was surprised when I went out this morning to bring them out into the sunshine to find a little bird flying around in the workshop and eventually identified it as a Carolina wren. I wonder how long it had been locked in there. The door now being wide open, I went around the workshop twice in order to scare the bird out, but it would disappear and then re-appear and fly around some more, so finally I just left a door open and hope it can find its way out. I wonder if it is this same bird that nested in our rototiller last summer… – DALE

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