Barn Photography

150420_Barn1April 20 – I haven’t been blogging q-u-i-t-e as much lately; since I’ve had so much to do both inside and outside, I just couldn’t fit in another post. I have been out taking some pictures, though. However, you will see just a few of the 70 or so I take as we walk along the pasture trails or drive off to the little towns nearby. Often, as we come upon an ancient barn or half-burned building, I say the same thing to Dale every time: Why didn’t I bring my camera?”

Actually, if I do have it and want to stop, he’s the one who has to figure out where he can park while I am scooting around the buildings. Not much chance on a highway, of course, and sometimes the next intersecting road is pretty far away from the barn, so out I jump and hurry off to take the picture. Good exercise, if nothing else! – CHRIS

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