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Yes, we still have cassette tapes!

Yes, we still have cassette tapes!

April 13 – There’s something about a rainy and dreary day that makes me want to make my way to the kitchen to see what I should be fixing in the line of food. Usually I put a cassette tape on the player and enjoy words from the Bible, or music from tapes that I have made through the years. I know you are already saying, “Cassette tape? What’s that?”

That same question comes to me when I hear all of the ads for Apple products or aps or Instagram. I have no idea what the users of those modern inventions are talking about, and you probably feel the same when I mention how much I enjoy tapes! As I remember it, I bought a reel-to-reel player when our kids were still little and they listened after they had gone to bed. I put the tape player in the hall so both of them could enjoy the stories. If I had a nickel for every tape that I have copied or bought through the years, I might be rich! Not like Rockefeller, but rich all the same…

Veggie-Table soup

Veggie-Table soup

Just checking out what I have written and find that I didn’t stick with my subject very well – so here goes again. Since we had finished up all of the vegetable soup, I made a new batch of that. Into the big pressure cooker went potatoes, home-canned tomato soup, and carrots. I pick the carrots out of Dale’s bowl, because he will NOT carrots unless they are raw. After cooking for five minutes, I added canned corn, pinto beans, and peas.

Next I made a nice bowl of potato salad. We especially enjoy the yellow potatoes and mix in black olives, hard boiled eggs, onions, sweet peppers, celery sometimes (not often, because Dale doesn’t like it), pickles and cucumbers. I have found that we enjoy Miracle Whip, rather than mayonnaise. Several times our daughter remarked that our potato salad was so much tastier than hers. Finally I said, “Biz, I’ll bet yours would be just the same if you put in the same salad dressing.” She tried Miracle Whip and found hers was “just as good as yours now, Mom!”

One of our friends gave us a big batch of new rhubarb a couple days ago. Such big thick stalks, all trimmed nicely, so I cooked up a nice bowlful, thickened it a bit with cornstarch, and we found it to be delicious as usual. Our rhubarb is growing, but it’s far from ready to be cut! When I was a kid, Mom made many rhubarb pies all summer long, not wanting to waste anything produced in our garden. I can still see those pies just coming out of the oven, and I could hardly wait till they were cool enough to eat! – CHRIS

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