It Be Friday Once Again

Hensbit. Yeah, it's a weed!

Henbit. Yeah, it’s a weed. But an edible weed!

April 10 – Today has turned out a lot nicer than we thought it would yesterday. Chris has hung out a load of washing on the line and it is inside already, dry and put away. Now, would you believe, she is mowing the lawn with our hand mower? Our repairman-friend who had it and both rototillers at his workshop for repairs just brought them all back today. Weather permitting, we plan to do a lot more mowing with both mowers on Sunday p.m. Does anyone out there possibly need a few henbit plants for your yard? They are so pretty in flower now, and we have a surplus to give away. A BIG surplus. Chris is mowing a lot of them down but there are lots left. We’ll be offering dandelions next! We have violets too, but not so many.

Yesterday we did our usual Thursday shopping in Pleasant Hill, but not a lot. We saw that gas prices had jumped quite a bit so decided to check on the price in Kingsville in the evening when we went to the meeting. In the Holden Image, Chris saw that there was a book sale at the library in Holden with books at just a quarter apiece. Since Holden is just a few miles east of Kingsville, we ended up going to Holden and buying a few books at the sale. Most of the books were either fiction or of no interest to us, and we only bought five, then stayed and read newspapers in the library until it was time to go to the meeting in Kingsville. As gas prices in Holden were even cheaper than in Kingsville, we filled both the truck tank and a gas can so we’d have gas for mowing.

The grass is green and ready for the mower

The grass is green and ready for the mower

Chris just came in to say the mower had quit suddenly on her, just like it used to do before we sent it in for repairs. And just like it used to do, it started up just fine after a couple of pumps on the bulb and two pulls on the starter cord. I hope this is not what we are going to have to deal with again!

At the end of Harvesters last Wednesday we drove over to Luevina’s place as we usually do that day, with a box of foods for her, and had a nice little visit. She told us how to get to Jackie and Neva Hobbs’ place, so we went on to visit them, since Jackie has been sick for quite a while and they haven’t been able to come to church. They warmly received us and we had a nice visit with them.

While we were visiting they told us that their front house wall was infested with termites and we could see where some of the woodwork had been eaten away and the wall marked from clay tunnels they had made. Right while we were there winged termites began flying out of the house wall outside, thousands of small dark insects. Neva got out their spray gun and killed them off right away. It didn’t seem like this was a good time of year for this insect activity, but there they were. Jackie also told us that there are cougars in the area, contrary to what most people believe, as he has seen them and one killed two of their dogs.

Well, that’s it for now; I’m going out to get the mail now and will wish you all a happy Friday. – DALE

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