Can You See a Seahorse?

Man watching a seahorse watching him

Man watching a seahorse watching him

April 9 – While sitting in my regular living room chair, I saw a sea horse plain as day, but Dale couldn’t see it. I went over and sat in the other chair, and then I couldn’t see it either. But not to worry, I’m not starting to see odd things in my old(er) age! All of that comes from a euphorbia sea horse and a cactus person! If you can see things in clouds…

Had a busy day yesterday. Boy, talk about the weather. I prayed this morning early that the storm wouldn’t ruin our giveaway for Harvesters, and the Lord answered. Strange. While we were passing out the food, one of the ladies told me that she had been praying for each of us who work in the giveway. Later, one of the other workers told me that the lady is the minister of the Crossroads Church in Kingsville!

Fruit for Harvesters

Fruit for Harvesters

We had many crates full of strawberries in quart containers. Also apples, potatoes, cereal, bread, cabbage, coleslaw, oranges, etc. We had about 28 people there to help, so some didn’t get to do as much. The principal and seven kids from our school were there.

We took the box somebody had made up for our elderly church lady, Luevina, then continued on for another six miles to visit some church folks who haven’t been in church since January. The guy has had bad back troubled, and now is working on getting his blood count the way it should be so he can have a stent put in for his heart.

On the way to the meeting last night, we stopped to see Anita, the secretary of Kingsville School. She told us the very amazing story of her 89-year-old father who developed a pain in his chest and phoned her to tell her he didn’t feel well. Since this was on April 1, she asked him if he was playing an April Fool joke! No, he wasn’t, so she took him to the hospital. To make a long story short, the original treatment was scrapped for a lesser treatment, and all is well. He lives just about half a block from her. In the front yard of their house, right next to the garage/barn her mother-in-law will be living in a trailer that the guys are working on right now. She is to be moved in by May. Very nice people, and she has always been so appreciative of what I did at school, and the fact that she has become my (our) friend, rather than only a school worker. – CHRIS

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