It’s Good to be Outside Again

April 3 – Can hardly believe this weather! The weatherman said that we are enjoying temperatures TWENTY degrees above normal for this time of year. When we heard that New York is having more snow and rain, I wondered how those poor folks could cope with much more of any kind of bad weather.

When days like these arrive, I make a bee line for the outdoors where I can enjoy just being outside and get things done besides. Ever since we finished in the bamboo patch, I have been cutting and pruning along the path by the creek. Lots of sumac trees congregating together, with some bent over, so I cut them off at ground level. Buck brush is all over the place, crowding out other grasses and small growth. Rose bushes with more than their share of thorns, and their vines stretching out in all directions needed to be cut. Of course, the entire region was full of poison ivy, tall and grayish color. Fallen branches from various trees, especially oak, had to be picked up as well.

As I went along, I tossed the various cut items into piles in the path, making it easier for me to gather loads for the wheel barrow later. Six of those loads topped with bigger branches to hold down the smaller items, are now in the usual burning spots. Our cat stuck around to view all of the action, and periodically ran to a tree and sped up to the lower branches. I think she just wanted to prove to herself (or to me) that she could climb, in case something or somebody came to do her harm!

Just a little ways farther down the creek the irises are getting ready to show their beautiful styles and colors later in the season. Tulips show no sign of buds as yet, but their purple, red, and yellow colors will soon brighten the day. I found three small hyacinths among the myriads of daffodils and jonquils. Won’t be long till they are showing off their white or pink or red colors. Spring is a really wonderful time!

Hen's bits where it shouldn't be

Hen’s bits where it shouldn’t be

Earlier this week I was going to continue along the creek, but since it was so warm, I didn’t need a jacket, so I felt more like moving around. As you probably have figured out, I do NOT like coats or jackets or hats or caps or mittens, or gloves. Dale and I worked together weeding in the asparagus bed. A few weeds like purple flowered hen’s bits pulled out easily, but the lawn grass that pokes its way from the outside right under the wooden border boundary hangs on till the last possible moment, and it is very hard to pull. Dandelions, and many unnamed weeds fill up the bed just waiting for somebody to pull them up to make the bed neat again. A barrow full of those weeds was pushed back to the compost heap.

150403_WeedingWhile Dale was using the chain saw to cut off various lower branches of the juniper tree to make it more symmetrical, I went off to the blackberry patch to get rid of the weeds. Last year after I had weeded there, I put down a big load of mulch, hoping to keep the hen’s bits from taking over again. Fortunately, although there were plenty of weeds to hoe or pull out, the job was much easier. When I finished hoeing, I raked the piles together into four bigger piles, put the piles into the wheel barrow, and dumped the weeds into the pasture field near the patch. Oh, I forgot one interesting big. Just under one of the little piles of mulch, I found a small spear of asparagus!

Nanking cherry coming into full bloom

Nanking cherry coming into full bloom

As I was going back up to the house, I saw Dale pulling some very big branches from the juniper and dumping them into the big pile of bamboo, just waiting to be burned so it can snap, crackle, and pop. When I went back to help him I noticed that the single huge cane I left for a reminder of those bamboo days is as high as the juniper! Just about all of the trees, wild and tame, will soon be showing off their buds, and in some cases, beautiful blossoms. Apricot, Nanking bush cherry, magnolia, and Cornelian cherry dogwood are blooming already.

God gives us so much more than we really need, just because He loves us so much and wants us to be happy as we enjoy the results of His creation. – CHRIS

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