Ready With the Rototiller

Getting some blood drawn

Getting some blood drawn

April 3 – Were quite busy yesterday, with our trip to Pleasant Hill and then to Lee’s Summit. We stopped at the Pleasant Hill thrift store for a bit and bought a book or two and I found a hummingbird feeder for a buck and one of those tomato planters where the plant hangs upside-down from the container. Never had one of those before and will give it a try.

We went to Lee’s Summit as I had a doctor’s appointment at St. Luke’s with my rheumatologist, who gave me just a usual check-up to make sure all was under control and we talked about my peripheral neuropathy that causes a lot of stinging in my left foot. He recommended increasing my medication for that (gabapentin), so I’m hoping that will help. Don’t know why just the left foot is affected, and only two toes.

Checking out the rototiller and lawn mower

Checking out the rototiller and lawn mower

Got our rider mower running this week after charging up the battery. It started first thing. A front tire may have a leak, as it was down to zero pressure when I checked it again later. I filled it up again and will check it this weekend; may have to repair a puncture. Our repairman friend stopped by with his trailer and took our hand mower and both rotototillers back to his workshop to get problems fixed. Hope he gets the mower fixed soon, as the grass is getting pretty tall already.

No thanks, I'm not really hungry right now

No thanks, I’m not really hungry right now

Chris didn’t do the usual washing today, as the wind was quite chilly and anyway, who knew if it might decide to rain again. I’ve done a little house cleaning, pressed my suit, and even read a bit while waiting to use the computer. We’ll be going to the evening meeting at 6:30 tonight. Same thing tomorrow night, when our son will be playing some special music during the program.

Caught another little mouse yesterday, this time in the old cooler with the cat food in it. Caught it by hand and swung it in front of the cat. Cat was not interested, so I killed the mouse and it will be composted eventually. Can’t believe a cat didn’t want a live mouse! – DALE

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