Just a Routine Day in the Country

Conference Connections newsletter

Conference Connections newsletter

March 26 – Did some more cutting and trimming of stuff along the path down by the place where the old well lies under a pad of cement. It looks a lot different, but Dale says there’s really no point in doing all that work because who cares anyway? Well, he’s probably right, but not much else to do outside right now, and I need to get out when the weather allows!

Came in when it was time for Jeopardy, which we don’t seem to enjoy as much as we used to, because of the great difference in subjects and questions. Today’s contestants don’t know as much about history or classic literature, and we can’t figure out how they know the answers to so much we never heard of!

Also got the Conference Connections (a newsletter for our Missouri church), and Dale’s article about the Harvesters was on the front page with a couple pics I took.

Went to the church meetings Tuesday night. The speaker had a lengthy sermon, but his head is so full of knowledge that he wants it all to come out. It was nice to see Tammy, one of the lady janitors from the Kingsville School. She was always helpful and appreciative while I was there volunteering, and if I didn’t see her when I arrived in the morning, she always looked me up. She has been coming, but sits so far away that I hadn’t noticed her before. When I first started volunteering at school, I didn’t know I was supposed to eat lunch with the teachers at their table, so I just sat down at one of the first tables by the door. Right after me tagged along a little girl who asked if she could sit with me. Sure, why not? After I had bowed my head and asked for the blessing on the food, I saw her staring at me as she asked, “Are you all right? I thought you died!” – CHRIS

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