Anyone need their windows washed?

150316_BookMarch 16 – Just came in from the front porch where the thermometer announces that it is very comfortable out there with summer lawn chairs available for seating. While Dale read the book You Belong in a Zoo, I paged through several magazines: Woman’s Day, Family Circle, and Food Network. I didn’t clip even one recipe because, except for desserts, all contained meat of some kind, and since Dale and I have always been vegetarians, they wouldn’t be used by us! I did enjoy the various hints on keeping well and making life happy.

So why were we sitting out in the sunshine instead of accomplishing something more like work? If you had been with us earlier in the day, you could have watched as we washed the windows in the living room, the bathroom, and one bedroom. The washing itself isn’t much bother, but when the screens and storm windows have to be removed and replaced, it takes more energy than sitting on the porch.

WWW - We Wash Windows

WWW – We Wash Windows

Right after breakfast, armed with window washing fluid, rags to do the washing, and paper towels to finish the job, we started out. As I worked inside, Dale was using the ladder in order to reach way up to the top of the picture window. Much easier for two to work together at a job like this as it saves running outside to check for smears, then back again to the inside to see if we are happy with the job. When the ladder jiggled a bit, I was concerned that Dale might fall and hurt himself, but he told me not to worry – he’d be OK!

After a couple hours, I was no longer interested in washing windows, but we still had to go back to finish up the picture window and the two smaller windows at either end. First, came the big job of moving the plant table from in front of the window so that I would have enough room to wash the the panes. Aloes, euphorbias, stapelias, sanseveria, and cacti were given a free ride away from the window as Dale and I carried the heavy table out of the way. Unfortunately, while I was doing something else outside, Dale moved the table by himself, and something happened to one of the back legs. He tried to hammer it back into place, but wasn’t successful. Oh, well, in a couple months he will be putting the plants out on the porch to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine until October, so he will have plenty of time to work on the table then.

Almost time to plan for supper. When I ask Dale what he would like me to fix, he always says something like, “It’s always good, so whatever you have planned is OK.” Way back at the beginning before our marriage, the mission garden in Zimbabwe was full of beautiful green beans. Whenever Dale would drive his motorcycle the twenty miles out from his home in Gwelo to visit me where I was teaching at a mission school, he would eat the green beans along with the rest of the meal. Not until the day after we were married did he tell me that he absolutely detested green beans, and “I never want to find another on my plate, ever!” Carrots, cooked, are in the same category, but raw, they’re fine!

Oddly shaped - that's the Jerusalem artichoke

Oddly shaped – that’s the Jerusalem artichoke

Among other vegetables, I will cook up some Jerusalem artichokes that Dale dug up from the garden a few days ago. The plants stand at least 15 feet tall in the summer, and each one has many tubers. As with many root plants, some of the tubers remind me of animals or little men, and it’s fun to use my imagination just to see what I can figure out.

Our son David came out this weekend to do some work on our computer, including a new version of an anti-virus program. If I had to take care of the needs of this computer, I would still be using a typewriter! Since all of us enjoy playing Rummikub, it was fun to see who could win the games.

Just said good bye a few minutes ago to our grandson Kevin who is on his way back to college in Nebraska, after being home for spring break. How well I remember that as a young kid, he always knew so many of the Jeopardy program answers. In grade school, the kids called him “The Science Guy!”


Praying mantis

As I cleaned the window sills today, I found lots of tiny little praying mantis bodies left from a few days ago when they were all over the window area. They had hatched from the nest I found out in the bamboo patch. (I am going to send along some photos of really beautiful mantises I took last year.) Pretty little lady bugs were scooting up the window in the bedroom as well. Seems as if the insects would prefer the outdoors to being inside! Sure is true for Dale and me!

OK, I really do need to move on to get supper going. Along with the artichokes, fried Yukon Gold potatoes, and a big salad, Dale will have one of his very favorite desserts, grape nuts ice cream! Already I can hear you ask, “What in the world is that?” Just softened ice cream, with grape nuts mixed in, and then put back in the freezer to harden up a bit. Actually, I had mixed up two batches for our meal with David while he was here, but I forgot to take it out of the freezer. Where has my memory gone? – CHRIS

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