The Last Bamboo Story

Bamboo-trimming gloves...or what's left of them

Bamboo-trimming gloves…or what’s left of them

March 13 – Great news for those of you who have heard too much already about our big bamboo patch since we decided to cut it all down. Then when the growing season starts, we’ll just keep it much smaller. From 80 x 35 feet, it will now be about 10 x 35, which will be much easier to manage. And to think that all of that bamboo came from two small pots of it, given to us by our daughter a number of years ago. One of our neighbors told us a few days ago she couldn’t even see our house because the bamboo was so tall!

So – this will likely be the last time that you will be subjected to reading about just how many canes are left and how many hours we have spent. I won’t even TRY to estimate how many cuts I made with the clippers. All I can tell you is that there were very few plants that could be cut off with one clip. Some took ten or so because they were so hard. Of course, if I were a strong man, with long and powerful arms, it might have been only three or four, but since I do not have long strong arms, it took me a long time to clear that patch. Dale did all he possibly could, but it’s not much fun to bend over, or even walk when you’ve just had two ingrown toe nails cut out! Lately, he has been trimming the canes.

Farewell, old pants...

Farewell, old pants…

I started about mid-January when a day or two was warm enough to work outside. Then there were really cold days so I had to stay inside. Altogether I spent more than 40 hours cutting that stuff. (No, I don’t remember the hours, but, as usual, I kept the numbers in my daily journal, so all I had to do was go back to the pages and check.) I couldn’t even guess how many cuts I made in all of those hours!

We have delivered roughly 100 trimmed canes to those who have asked if we had any to spare. They are used as garden stakes, and things like wind chimes, along with other unusual items.

I plan to toss out the pants and gloves I wore out in the patch. The shoes will go, too, as they didn’t survive too well in the mud and half-tripping over what’s left of the canes. Which reminds me. Twice yesterday Dale tripped and sat right down in the middle of a big pile of canes and leaves. Fortunately, it was a soft landing! – CHRIS

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