Cat Scratch Fever

March 6 – This day is turning out pretty good, with better to follow, they say. A robin is hopping around on the back lawn but I wonder if the worms are coming to the surface yet.

Dale and Editor Dana

Dale and Editor Dana

We just got back from delivering some bamboo canes to friends of ours. First of all we took a bunch to Holden, and on the way we stopped at Kingsville School to pick up a gift one of the kids had made for Chris. We gave a number of canes to a teacher there, who wanted some for who knows what?

Then we went to Holden, to see the editor of the Holden Image, Dana Raker, who is a good friend of ours. Interestingly, Cody Hobbs showed us some old copies of the newspaper from way back, and we saw his birth announcement. Chris picked up a section of another one at random and there was Dennis, the husband of Dana, a known athlete from a few years ago. Such a coincidence, that out of the thousands of pages in the old binders there, Dana’s future husband would appear.

Bamboo ready for delivery

Bamboo ready for delivery

Because Dana wouldn’t be at the office until 11 o’clock, and we were a bit early, we stopped at the Holden Thrift Store and browsed around there for a while. Didn’t find anything we wanted, but stayed on until just past eleven. After having a nice little visit with Dana, we departed and went back home and Chris printed up the church bulletins and we folded them and they are now ready to hand out at church. Another bundle of bamboo canes was lying in the yard, waiting to be delivered to our friends Barney and Betty Barnhart who live not far from here. I loaded them into the truck and tied down the tailgate flap since it couldn’t be latched due to the canes sticking out well beyond the truck end. Barney was interested in the canes, and has a friend who will be using some of them. We had a nice visit with Barbet, as one of his personalized license plates reads, and then came on home.

Cat scratch fever!

Cat scratch fever!

Our cat did not show up last night to spend the night inside as usual, so we eventually locked the garage door and went to bed, wondering what might have happened to Kat. This morning when I went out to look at the bamboo canes lying on the lawn, I heard a mew coming from somewhere, and eventually I located the source – the roof edge over my head, with a cat’s face looking down and calling for help. How did that cat get up there? Probably via a tree growing close to the house, but she had never done this before. I dragged out our biggest ladder from the barn, only a six footer, and set it up and climbed to the rescue.

I am ashamed of my behavior - Kat

I am ashamed of my behavior – Kat

Kat was reluctant to be taken hold of, but finally she came close enough for me to grab and start to carry down. She did not like this, and was soon busy with her front paws and claws, gouging my wrists while hanging on to the gutter with her hind paws. After a brief struggle, Kat was dragged down and reached ground safely, and was shortly busy with a big breakfast. I attended to my new eight cat-inflicted injuries with alcohol and a bandaid. Possibly embarrassed because of her reluctance to be rescued, Kat hid under a little table with a long table-cloth hanging down from it, and lay there with just her tail exposed.

Day before yesterday I dragged out a jigsaw puzzle with a leopard lying on a rock on it, and decided to start putting it together. Haven’t done a puzzle for quite a long time, and soon found out that this one was made of rather thin material, making it difficult to pick up the pieces. Also, they did not stick together very well and I was constantly re-connecting them. Further, a lot of pieces would fit in more than one location and that caused confusion later on when some pieces just would not fit anywhere. Eventually I just picked up the whole works and threw it back into its bag and will be taking it to the thrift store where we got it, next week.

This cat, at least, didn't scratch

This cat, at least, didn’t scratch

Chris dug out a whole stack of puzzles not yet assembled, and I chose a cute one of a kitten sitting in a high chair. A good thing about this puzzle was that the largest part of it was still assembled from someone’s last endeavor. I laid out all the sections without allowing any of the pieces to fall, and then put them all together with the loose pieces left over. What a great way to do a jigsaw puzzle. Chris took some pic of it and then I put it back into its box still mostly assembled as before.

Well, it’s about time to watch Jeopardy, so I shall depart and be in touch again in the future. Happy Friday! – DALE

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