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You made my day!

February 17 – How much we enjoy the visit of the Harvesters’ truck to our church each week. Last week, the long line of cars stretched from the beginning of the line in which people had been waiting for well … Continue reading

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Four inches with more to come

February 16 – As of this morning, we have about four inches of snow to gaze at while being very thankful that we don’t live “back East” as we did for forty years before we moved out here to Missouri! … Continue reading

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Potluck and snow – not a normal combination…

February 15 – Please do not allow me to interrupt the sharpening and polishing of your snow shovel in preparation for the whole inch or so we are expecting this afternoon. And turn up that thermostat while you’re at it. … Continue reading

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And a happy bamboo to you, too

February 13 – Bamboo! I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever have all of the canes cut off, and that not at knee-height or a couple inches above the ground, but as close to the ground as possible. The … Continue reading

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Rah Rah Tigers!

February 12 – These last several days have been busier than I like, but it’s better than being down with some sort of sickness or even with old age, whatever that is! Tuesday night we took a little time to … Continue reading

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Batteries, Schmatteries

February 11 – Had a beautiful day on Sunday, but it’s gotten a lot colder now. Chris was out fairly early after proof-reading my portion of our weekly Image article, and she was busily cutting bamboo when I eventually went … Continue reading

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In which the printer and I have a disagreement

February 10 – Whoever came up with the idea of having computers didn’t know me! Sure, I know just about everybody except Dale and me have all sorts of devices that I have no idea what they are capable of … Continue reading

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African Tales – A monkey tale or two

February 10 – My mom once made a rag doll for one of our pet monkeys, and Monk just loved that doll and treated it as her baby. She would carry it around with her, take it to bed at … Continue reading

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Yes, I can still walk. Thanks for asking!

February 6 – We didn’t even get a couple of inches of snow during the latest “storm” and of course it’s all gone now. Sun is shining and we shall be warmed up for 2 or 3 days. I was … Continue reading

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From My Childhood – My mom, the cook

February 6 – I have mentioned several times in this blog that my mom had a lot of family to take care of as we were growing up. If she was anything, she was a good cook! And we all … Continue reading

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