Potluck and snow – not a normal combination…

February 15 – Please do not allow me to interrupt the sharpening and polishing of your snow shovel in preparation for the whole inch or so we are expecting this afternoon. And turn up that thermostat while you’re at it. I,on the other hand, just finished writing our article for the Holden Image and am waiting for Chris to come and proof-read it. She is in the kitchen, peeling potatoes and making vegetable soup, and trying to warm up her hands after sorting out stuff in the freezer downstairs.

Candy hearts

Candy hearts

This weekend was church potluck, and we had a number of visitors, so the pews were quite well filled. Valentine’s Day was much in the air, and superintendent Carole Ford announced that this was the LOVE month. She passed out a couple of large baskets of those little candy hearts, a bagful for everyone. Downstairs, each table had a couple of slim vases with a red, artificial heart in it. I carried a tray with our food contributions downstairs and discovered too late that the tray had a lot of juice from the cooked-carrot container floating around in it and dripping on the floor, and on my tie. The road from home must have been rather bumpy.

We were expecting our friend Dana Raker, editor of the Holden Image, and her husband Dennis, to come for the potluck meal, and I went to the foyer at twelve to be there to welcome them. They did not come in, and after a while Cody Hobbs, who works at the Image, came out of the sanctuary with his cell phone and reported that they had been in the parking lot and then Dana got sick and they had to go home. Oh well, maybe next month. The speaker went overtime and Chris has quite a time making notes and then writing them up for the article.

Cat's delight

Cat’s delight

Our son Dave has been doing a great job feeding me lately with food from Christmas – cheese on zwiebach or toast, and Marmite on a different slice, and the cat is greatly enjoying her present of cat food. She much prefers it to the dog food I mix in, trying to use up the big bag we had left when our dog died several months ago.

Have a good day, and if you wanna, build a nice snowman. – DALE

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