In which the printer and I have a disagreement

Getting started on the blog entry

Getting started on the blog entry

February 10 – Whoever came up with the idea of having computers didn’t know me! Sure, I know just about everybody except Dale and me have all sorts of devices that I have no idea what they are capable of with their iPads, phones of all kinds, etc. If I could just stick with writing letters and blogs without having to worry whether they have the completely proper address, it would be great. But if a period or dot is left out or isn’t in just exactly the proper place, back comes the message about this particular item–undeliverable! Then when I want to print something I can’t send via e-mail, I am really in trouble, as the printer does as it wishes, not just as I wish!

Here’s a good example of that. A couple days ago I wanted to copy something from our blog about some of “my” kids from Kingsville, kids who had done so well in cross country earlier in the school year, some coming up with state championships. I was planning on giving them a copy, but when I tried to print that material from the blog, a ton of stuff from other parts of the blog bordering on the one I wanted came through as well. So when I started the print process, out of the printer came blog materials from this month of February while the cross country blog was back in early December!

The printer with a mind of it's own

The printer with a mind of it’s own

Quick! Turn off the printer and grab the unused paper! Only wasted about five sheets the first time, and I won’t take a long time telling you what happened next, but it was not a pretty sight. After about the fifth time of trying to get that story printed, finding the same February stuff coming up, turning off the printer and yanking out the paper, I gave up. But not without a fight! I well remember my dad telling us when we were kids that we shouldn’t ask for help, but use our brains and do it ourselves. “Me do it mineself,” was my motto starting at a very young age, and eighty years later, I was not about to change the status quo!

The next day I tried again, going through the whole process once more. After another thirty sheets of paper wasted, I decided to ask our son David, the computer expert. He sent me a list of things to do which sounded great and easy, and at last I would be out of my predicament and life could go on as usual. Only whatever I did wasn’t right because after many tries at printing, I ended up with more and more pages of stuff I didn’t want! So about half past nine last night, Dale and I were playing Rummikub when the phone rang. “Has to be David,” we said, almost in unison. “Maybe, just maybe,” I thought, “he’s going to tell me in plain language what I can do with this dumb printer!”

And yes, that’s what he had planned to do; lead me through the steps one by one so that he could figure out if the problem could be solved, or if we might need a new printer. “Mom, pull this up,” or “Now can you see that little computer in the bottom right hand corner?” Well, I didn’t even know where to look for sure, but after what seemed like a year or so later, he finally said, “OK, now click where it says “delete,” one at a time until all of those items are gone.”

I found it hard to imagine getting directions to solve my problem when he had nothing at all in front of him to look at, and was out on a walk besides! All those things he told me to do he just had in his mind, and reminded me along the way that it would have been pretty hard for his mother to teach her students via the telephone back years ago. However, the printer problem seemed to be taken care of, until I remembered worrying that I wouldn’t be able to print the church bulletin this week. When I mentioned this to David, he said, “Well, you have a copy of last week’s bulletin on the computer, so just try to print it now.” And yes, the printer did print the bulletin. But I still wanted more reassurance, so printed a second copy–and a third!

Rummi-kub tiles

Rummi-kub tiles

And with that out of the way, Dale and I played several more games of Rummikub. Since it was now after eleven, I thought we should go to bed because tomorrow would be very busy. But after another game, and still another, every time Dale would yawn and ask, “OK,” time to quit?” I still wasn’t ready as my mind just needed something fun to close off the day!

OK, I can just hear everybody saying, “Boy, she sure has some strange ideas, but doesn’t know anything about computers or phones or printers or anything else that’s modern, but so easy that first graders understand! Probably true, but this morning really does look a lot brighter than the last couple days. Thanks, son! – CHRIS

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