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150127_friendsJanuary 27 – The friends we write about regularly are doing well with some good news about a couple of them. The son of the local postmaster is doing well after surgery and is enjoying the soup he is allowed to eat! Several appointments have been made for visits to the doctors, but everyone continues to hope and pray for the best. One of our friends, with a huge smile and a lilt in her voice, announced that her cancer is now in remission after many months! As I was hoping she wouldn’t “break” as I gave her a big hug, she assured me that hugs were good medicines too. Her husband, with a huge smile, agreed with her fully. He always looks on the bright side, and enjoys comical forwards from his friends, then passes them on to us.

At Price Chopper, the usual crew were there, all with smiling faces. It was good to see Mike who hasn’t been around for awhile when we are at the store. As he was kneeling, replacing some of the items sold from the lowest shelves, I walked up to him, as usual, and reminded him that when he was in that position, I could see him eye to eye! When he’s standing, I have to bend my head back to see the top of his head! Sheila reported once more that she always enjoys our blog and prints out each edition! However, she does NOT appreciate Dale’s stories about snakes and spiders and any other creepy crawlers! She is a friendly and helpful person, and is fun to tease. Her beautiful flower arrangements are well known in the area, and she is busy preparing for Valentine’s Day these days.

One of the tins Clyde has heard about

One of the tins Clyde has heard about

Just as we arrived at the home of Clyde and Nan, we found that Nan would soon be leaving to join some British ladies for a “spot of tea” at one of her friend’s home. We talked for a bit while Dale and Clyde were enjoying their conversation, without interruption from Dale’s wife! Nan tried to explain where her friend lived, not too far from her home, but I couldn’t place the location, until Clyde explained about her husband’s buying various materials at auctions, then reselling them.

With a few more ideas of where the home was, I remembered that Dale and I had gone to a garage sale there and had bought up, among other things, a big pile of new crossword and other puzzles books, which I am still working on after a year or two! No, it’s not that the puzzles are so difficult. It’s just that there are so many. The lady was so cheery and friendly that we went back the next day after her sale, just to enjoy talking with her. Her husband, while he was still living, spent hours working the puzzles.

We enjoyed talking with Clyde about gardening and seed catalogs, and TV evangelists before we left. He has always enjoyed studying the Bible, and it’s easy to tell that he lives out the things he learns in his study. He is kind and patient and helpful to everyone. – CHRIS

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