In which I say bamBOO to my ingrown toenail

The corn may be as high as the elephant's eye, but the bamboo is a lot taller than THAT

The corn may be as high as the elephant’s eye, but the bamboo is a lot taller even than THAT

January 26 – It has turned out to be a great day after the early frost wore off. Eventually I went outside and washed both vehicles, as they have been unwashed for quite a while.

I didn’t notice that Chris went out and was working on those piles of bamboo canes, until I went back inside and found she wasn’t there. Then I went out to lend a hand and carried one bundle of them back to the barn, where I found Chris had already carried several armsful and they were lying there on the lawn.

I opened up the barn door and started carrying loads in and stacked them in one corner where there was already a bundle of smaller canes standing. Some of those canes were so tall they caught on the rafters above and I had a problem bending them over enough to sneak them in. All the canes are now out in the barn but it will be a bit awkward to remove the items behind them. Hopefully I won’t need them for awhile.

Was surprised to find a couple of pogo sticks back there, as I didn’t remember we had bought them at garage sales long ago. I am no longer a pogo jumper, but maybe Chris is. I’ll have to invite her to demonstrate her prowess on one.

Got a call from our doctor’s office this morning, saying they had bad news. Since my ingrown toenail is not infected, it turns out they won’t handle it, so I have to go to the podiatrist after all. Have an appointment for Thursday morning at 10:45am and with any luck, will be rid of it before noontime. – DALE

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