Helping Harvesters

Fruit from Harvesters

Fruit from Harvesters

January 15 – Yesterday we got up an hour or two earlier since we were going over to the church to help distribute the food that the Harvesters truck brings once each month. I wasn’t sure Dale would be able to help with the distribution, both because of the cold temperatures and his sore toes. As we started down the hill to the church, we noticed a line of cars already in position, waiting for the truck. Some folks are in line about seven in the morning, and I always feel sorry for them as they wait in the cold for several hours until the truck comes at 9:30am.

We spent about half an hour transferring the sewing materials to Pam’s truck. She and another church lady will use the cloth, buttons, thread, etc. to make quilts and other items for those who need some warmth this time of year. We also found a home for the keyboard as it will be put to use by Pat’s grandchild.

Sweetbread from Harvesters

Sweetbread from Harvesters

Good group of helpers today, with 15 folks taking their places on both sides of the truck. Our job? To get various foods into the car trunks or the truck beds. As each vehicle came along, we could see a colored ticket on the windshield, telling us if we should give out the amount for one, two, three, four, and even five families. I gave out ten-pound bags of small red potatoes with a good bit of help from Mike who could pull down the big sacks that held fifty pounds! Next to us Dale handed out onions, but then transferred to another station where he took care of sorting and handing out chayoti. Also on our side of the truck were green pears, and mandarin oranges. On the other side there were boxes of bread, lots of delicious looking Mexican sweet bread, grapes, several kinds of apples, cantaloupes, mushrooms, coconut juice, salsa, and other things that we can’t remember.

The driver also worked right along with us today and announced as he was ready to drive the truck away, “I hope I can bring you better weather next time!” He always has a nice smile and likes to joke around.

We then took a box of food to the home of Luevina, who will be 99 this year. As we were let into the house by Denise who looks after her, we noticed a visitor talking with Luevina, who had been her first grade teacher so many years ago. She announced that Luevina had always been her favorite teacher and that she had learned so much from her. It’s always good to hear such testimonies of appreciation.

Cat under the dresser

Cat under the dresser

So now I can look back on a day well spent, with so many blessings given to us by God. We don’t have perfect health, but pretty close. We enjoy being in our own quiet home, with plenty of books to read and puzzles to solve. How much I look forward to working with the pun puzzle book David gave me for Christmas! In one way I want to solve the puzzle, but in another way, I don’t! I don’t want to come to the end as I have been challenged in many areas to find the needed answers. Sometimes when I figure out one of the Tom Swifty kind or the strange newspaper headlines, I groan a bit, just thinking of the horrible pun that the authors came up with! We have our cat to play with, good food to eat, and the blessings of so many friends and family members. Life is very good. – CHRIS

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